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Jefferts Schori receives Episcopal Navajoland Corn Pollen Blessing

A Satirical Essay

By David W. Virtue
June 20, 2014

NEWS ITEM: Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was at The Episcopal Church’s Navajoland Area Mission this week during its 38th annual convocation. In a liturgy at Good Shepherd Mission filled with traditional Navajo and Episcopal symbols, Navajoland Bishop David Bailey ordained two persons to the transitional diaconate.

[Corn pollen blessing] The Episcopal News Service reported that Katharine Jefferts Schori received the official Navajoland sacred Corn Pollen Blessing in Fort Defiance, Arizona, this week instead of the usual corn dog blessing she might have received had she gone to the Diocese of Ft. Worth. Bishop Jack Iker said he wasn’t sure whether she was really worth a corn dog, but he did recommend some humble pie, if Mrs. Jefferts Schori was prepared to eat it.

“We really think this corn pollen blessing might have affected more than her sinuses, possibly her brain, as she doesn’t seem to want to relent in spending millions on lawsuits for properties,” Iker told VOL.

There might be a strong liturgical relationship between Colorado’s new pot laws and TEC’s Corn Pollen laws, the Presiding Bishop opined at a later press conference. “We’re looking for the connection, much like we are still searching for the gay gene. I am convinced we will hit upon it one day, hopefully in my lifetime.

“It’s all about getting high on God, whoever He or She might be, and I am confident that the Episcopal Church, in the fullness of time, will allow transgendered priests to experience the sacred pollen and the sacred pot together that will make them and us 'see' whatever is out there in the universe. I am ready for a resolution on the matter for the next General Convention," she noted.

The Presiding Bishop said she hoped that the Circle Dance of Dispossession much hyped by former Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold could be added to the mix for greater cosmic clarity.

She added that at this "feast of Trinity we mark this weekend is about divine ho’zho’, the unity of God and the relational reality of God’s own being. For human beings, ho’zho’ is becoming part of that divine and creative balance."


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