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May 16 2018 By dvirtue What Should Christians Think about Israel's Seventieth Birthday?

First, Israel is a beacon of light in the darkness of the Middle East. The Jewish state is the only nation in that vast region where Arabs can criticize the government by day and not worry that thugs will knock on their door that night. It is the only country in the region where Arab Christians can raise their children with full religious freedom. Everywhere else in that neighborhood Christians take risks to go to church or train their children to follow Jesus openly.

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What about the other millions of non-Western Anglicans? The TEC Task Force on Marriage felt obliged to poll the various Provinces of the Anglican Communion, knowing that the overall response would be negative. After all, 576 bishops had voted for Lambeth Resolution I.10, and both coalitions of Global South Anglicans had reaffirmed Lambeth I.10 as recently as October 2016.

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May 09 2018 By dvirtue The Impairment Commission's Intervention

"We are recommending actions that promote a significant cultural shift in the Episcopal Church," the report said. "These recommendations address the problem of impaired leaders, but they also diagnose and suggest treatment for an impaired system that maintains denial and helplessness toward addiction, mental illness, and physical disease."

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May 06 2018 By dvirtue Contention 5A: THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH AND TRIAL [USE] MARRIAGE

TEC's strike-through key is called "trial use." The idea of "Services for Trial Use" goes back about seventy years when the Episcopal Church decided to update its 1928 Book of Common Prayer. In my early years in ministry, I survived the revisions of the "Green Book" and the "Zebra Book" and finally the three-year "provisional" Prayer Book that was approved at the Church's General Convention in 1979.

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May 05 2018 By dvirtue How To Kill A Church In Just A Few Easy Steps

Episcopalianism has been skidding into oblivion for decades now. They lost over 30 percent of their members during the nineties. In this century, they've been losing about 2 percent a year. Today there are fewer Episcopalians in America than Jews or Mormons. This is significant because the latter groups have always been relatively small minorities in America, while the Episcopal church was once the largest church in the nation. It's been all downhill since then.

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What's ironic about the above scenario is that the Episcopal Church and Canterbury claim to own the Anglican™ brand as it were by divine right and wish to portray GAFCON as "troublers of Israel" (check out 1 Kings 18:17).

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April 29 2018 By dvirtue Letter to Rep. Marsha Blackburn on the Censorship of Free Speech & Religion by Social Media Companies

This situation is worse because these companies block and prevent the constitutional rights of the people - even selling their private information without their knowledge or consent.

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April 25 2018 By dvirtue Where Anglicans Aren't

The purpose of this blog entry is to create a list of areas where ACNA does not currently have a ministry presence and to connect interested parties. I understand that church planters are mostly (though thankfully not exclusively) drawn to major metropolitan areas and college towns. It is also the case that church planters usually chase population: new churches are much more likely to be planted in a place of population influx than population exodus.

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April 24 2018 By dvirtue St. Martin's Episcopal Church shines during the Barbara Bush funeral

The church itself is a beautiful modern Gothic-style, state-of-the-art edifice with twin towers soaring 188 feet into the cloudy and rainy Texas sky. The 27,630 square foot church seats 1,500 and every pew was taken with stand alone chairs being set up in front for the Bush family on the Epistle side of the church.

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April 23 2018 By dvirtue IS GAFCON A GINGER GROUP?

What in the world is a ginger group, we clueless Yanks ask? No, it's not a plateful of ginger cookies nor a convention of "the Redheaded League." Rather, a ginger group, in British parlance, is a kind of special interest or pressure group.

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