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June 21 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON III: The Maleness of Jesus and the Elephant in the Room

Is the priesthood of the Church for males only, as the Fathers insist and the Scripture indicates? Or is the sacred order of priests to be an accommodation to the spirit of the age?

Does the physical form of the person standing at the altar matter? Or is it coincidental?

If Jesus is male, the priest should have a male form. Were we to contemplate the Virgin Mary, we would not benefit from having a masculine form placed before us. In fact, it would cause confusion.

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June 20 2018 By virtueonline JERUSALEM: GAFCON III: GOD'S CHURCH

So the Gospel of God is not just about our own salvation but also for the forms of belonging ... of fellowship ... of worship ... of Sacrament ... of ministry ... and of oversight. These are not just incidentals that human beings have invented at some time or other for their own convenience. The Gospel has resulted in the forms of our fellowship of the Church. So God's Church follows God's Gospel. And that is how it should be.

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June 16 2018 By virtueonline The Welby Pontificate

The Communion Establishment was not amused, and the American Episcopalians immediately denounced the Lambeth Resolution and proceeded to elect and consecrate an openly gay man as bishop in 2003. A drama was then acted out, with—to borrow Douthat’s analogy—Archbishop Rowan Williams playing Pope Liberius to Nigerian Archbishop Peter Akinola’s Athanasius, and culminated in two Anglican conferences in 2008, one in Jerusalem and one in Canterbury.

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June 15 2018 By virtueonline "Celebrating Ramadan in Southwark Cathedral; mission, meals and infidelity"

They were trying to avoid any discussion in the public place as whether Butt, Redouane and Zaghbahired were in any way representative of Islam. Because there has been a blanket ban on the media identifying terrorists as Muslims, these conversations seldom take place. Few people have the criteria at hand by which to make a judgement.

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June 15 2018 By virtueonline A Word About Home Schooling

Since private schools are often expensive (but not really, considering the difference they can make in a child's future), those parents who can make the time to home school are extra blessed, as are their children.

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June 14 2018 By virtueonline SOUTH CAROLINA: No 'winners' in bitter Episcopal church dispute

For so many South Carolina churches, the answer is a combination of all of those things, which makes the dispute over 29 properties between the Episcopal Church in South Carolina and the breakaway Diocese of South Carolina so painful.

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June 12 2018 By virtueonline Contention 8: PREPARING FOR GAFCON IN SEVEN CONTENTIONS

I am going to begin at the end with Contention 7: Lambeth Speaks Plainly (That Was Then). I have been privileged to attend three major Conferences in 2013, 2008 and 1998. And the Lambeth Conference in 1998 is where it all began. Passage of Lambeth Resolution I.10 on Human Sexuality was an historic event in three ways:

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June 09 2018 By virtueonline Glory, glory, hallelujah! Welby's Euromania is marching on

Giving Welby's penchant for repeating the same error seventy times seven like a needle stuck in a cracked record, Disraeli would surely go an extra mile and pay Welby the crowning compliment of his career: 'Mr Welby is distinguished for ignorance; for he has only one idea, and that is wrong.'

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June 07 2018 By virtueonline Pope Francis falls behind the Episcopalians

The Episcopal Church recently resolved to eliminate all references to God's gender whenever possible. What is more, churchgoers at Washington's National Cathedral -- an Episcopal place of worship -- will no longer be defined by their biological gender. Thus men who claim to be more comfortable as women can attend women's Bible class, and I presume they can use the women's restroom.

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June 03 2018 By dvirtue Sorry, Bishop Curry, but love can't save the world

By contrast with Bishop Curry, the Apostle Paul never made that mistake. Paul made the effort to explain why Jesus Christ died for the human race, and the reason Paul gave for the Lord Jesus's death on the Cross was that we as human beings needed saving: saving from evil, the evil in ourselves and the evil in the world around us. Paul taught that we are great sinners in need of a great Saviour from the divine judgement to come. Michael Curry failed to explain that.

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