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September 23 2017 By dvirtue Who Decides Membership in The Anglican Communion? Not the Secretary General of The ACC!

In other words, the process of recognition of the Anglican Church in North America as a member Church within the Anglican Communion is already a 10-year process initiated by Primates of the Anglican Communion, representing Churches of the Anglican Communion, and in keeping with their "long-standing" procedural authority to do so.

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September 23 2017 By dvirtue The Past is Never the Past

In 1867, the year after Bishop Elliott's death, Thomas M. Hanckel wrote a "memoir" of Bishop Elliott in a book of the Bishop's sermons. Hanckel's work is more hagiography than memoir. As I read it again this week, I noticed how carefully Hanckel avoided any engagement with the issues of race and slavery.

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September 21 2017 By dvirtue South Carolina Diocese Fights Back Against Episcopal Church

However, representatives of the diocese allege that the state Supreme Court breached due process and that Justice Kaye G. Hearn, one of five judges who ruled in this case, had a major conflict of interest. The court's ruling, according to the diocese, threatens freedom of religion, freedom of association, and due process of law.

The Split

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September 21 2017 By dvirtue The Episcopal Church's knee-jerk reaction to Confederate names

In fact, the entire stormy debate over the removal of confederate statuary -- including his -- seems to fall on Lee's bronze, marble or stone shoulders all around the country in: New Orleans ... Charlottesville ... Antietam ... Dallas ... Richmond ... Austin ... Durham ... Seattle ... Baltimore ... Gettysburg ... Washington, DC ...

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September 20 2017 By dvirtue Is GAFCON divisive?

I never tire of telling the story of the meeting of Primates at the end of the Jerusalem Conference 2008. I was asked by the chairman to become the secretary to the movement.

Before answering, I asked the Primates, 'Is it the aim of Gafcon to break away from the Anglican Communion? Are we setting up a new Communion?'

The reply was an instant, unanimous and resounding 'No!' Just as well, as I would not have had any further role in Gafcon had the answer been anything else.

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September 13 2017 By dvirtue 'Beware the Oppressive rainbow wooden horse'

Let's look and see what they turned out to be -- what we have welcomed into the city smuggled inside?

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September 12 2017 By dvirtue A Reflection on Primates and Meetings

In my mother tongue of Rukiga, we have a proverb that says, "Abarya kamwe," meaning "one eats with those one agrees with or are in agreement with." The Baganda say, "Oluganda Kurya," meaning literally "Brethren eat." Their saying has been shortened from the fuller proverb that says, "Because we are brothers, we can eat together." The converse is also implied -- "I cannot eat with my enemy or he who has betrayed me."

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September 12 2017 By dvirtue The First Promise Statement - 20 Years Later

I had worked for the biblical renewal of TEC for thirty years by then, and had been ordained for twenty-five, and after Philadelphia I knew absolutely that I could not go on. My personal resolution had been to follow the leadership of the bishops those of us in the Renewal thought to be "orthodox." But in Philadelphia they all were silent in the great hall when Frank Griswold was elected as the next Presiding Bishop. Not one stood in opposition after the vote to declare what we all knew.

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September 12 2017 By dvirtue Project Joseph Phase 2: Hungry Christians in Africa Desperately Need Your Help

In partnership with the churches, Barnabas Aid has already provided 12 million daily meals for Christians in Uganda, South Sudan and Kenya. The cost is $0.19 per person per day.

Praise God, rain has fallen in some parts of East Africa, but other areas remain stubbornly dry and barren -- crops cannot grow, livestock cannot survive. Some 300 new refugees arrive every day in Camp Rhino. Many of them have stories like that of Amos.

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September 10 2017 By dvirtue The disestablishment of the church is now necessary and inevitable

This week, the National Centre for Social Research published data showing that just over half the UK population describe themselves as having no religion. And only 15% see themselves as being a part of the national church, the Church of England. Which is why the disestablishment of the church is now both necessary and ultimately unavoidable.

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