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SINGAPORE: Communique says Covenant Adoption Means Lambeth 1:10 Compliance

SINGAPORE: Communique says Covenant Adoption Means Lambeth 1:10 Compliance
TEC & ACoC Sins Haunt Global South Encounter; Glasspool election continues TEC defiance
TEC called to repent

By David W. Virtue in Singapore
April 24, 2010

Some 130 Anglican leaders of the Global South to South Encounter sought to further distance themselves this week from the sexual innovations of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in Canada.

In a Communique (Trumpet) blast from Singapore, the mix of orthodox archbishops, bishops, clergy and laity expressed continued grief over the life of The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) and the Anglican Church of Canada along with all those churches that have rejected the Way of the Lord as expressed in Holy Scripture.

“The recent action of TEC in the election and intended consecration of Mary Glasspool, a partnered lesbian, as a bishop in Los Angeles, has demonstrated, yet again, a total disregard for the mind of the Communion. These churches continue in their defiance as they set themselves on a course that contradicts the plain teaching of the Holy Scriptures on matters so fundamental that they affect the very salvation of those involved. Such actions violate the integrity of the Gospel, the Communion and our Christian witness to the rest of the world. In the face of this we dare not remain silent and must respond with appropriate action.”

The communiqué went on to uphold the courageous actions taken by Archbishops Mouneer Anis (Jerusalem and the Middle East), Henry Orombi (Uganda) and Ian Ernest (Indian Ocean) not to participate in meetings of the various Instruments of Communion at which representatives of The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada were present. “We understand their actions to be in protest of the failure to correct the ongoing crisis situation.”

The communiqué said that some of the Provinces are already in a state of broken and impaired Communion with The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada. They went on to blast the North American provinces saying that their continued refusal to honor the many requests made of them by the various meetings of the Primates throughout the Windsor Process has brought discredit to our witness.

“We urge the Archbishop of Canterbury to implement the recommended actions.”

Delegates then went a further by calling on other Provinces to reconsider their communion relationships with The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada until it becomes clear that there is genuine repentance.

Mindful of the state of Anglicanism in North America, the Encounter bishops welcomed two Communion Partner bishops from The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) and acknowledged that there are many in TEC who do not accept their church’s innovations.

“We assure them of our loving and prayerful support. We are grateful that the recently formed Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) is a faithful expression of Anglicanism. We welcomed them as partners in the Gospel and our hope is that all provinces will be in full communion with the clergy and people of the ACNA and the Communion Partners.”

The Anglican leaders here acknowledged that the peace of the Communion has been deeply wounded by those who continue to claim the name Anglican, but pursue an agenda of their own desire in opposition to historic norms of faith, teaching and practice. This has led to a number of developments including the GAFCON meeting that took place in Jerusalem in June 2008.

Anglican Covenant

Global South leaders did, however, put the brakes on any immediate acceptance of an Anglican Covenant arguing that it needed to be strengthened “in order for it to fulfill its purpose”. They also argued vigorously against the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion’s interference and stand to implement a Covenant.

They argued that the Primates are the only legitimate body to oversee and implement the Covenant, a major slap at the Anglican Consultative Council that, over time, has assumed powers it has never been given. “All those who adopt the Covenant must be in compliance with Lambeth 1.10.”

Participants concluded the communiqué saying that the entire Anglican Communion structure, especially the Instruments of Communion and the Anglican Communion office, should be reviewed in order to achieve an authentic expression of the current reality of the Anglican Communion.


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