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Poll: 85% support right for religious to refuse to work for gay wedding

Poll: 85% support right for religious to refuse to work for gay wedding

July 23, 2013

A heartening poll by Rasmussen shows 85 percent of Americans believe Christian wedding photographers have the right to refuse to service a gay wedding. In a country that increasingly forgets the value of free speech, it's surprisingly refreshing to see a strong majority in the right column.

The same applies, of course, to wedding cake bakers. Hopefully the memo reaches David Mullins and Charlie Craig, who have enlisted the help of the ACLU to sue a Denver, CO bakery for allegedly refusing a cake for their wedding. "The complaint seeks to force Masterpiece Cakeshop to "cease and desist" the practice of refusing wedding cakes for gay couples, and to tell the public that their business is open to everyone," reports FOX News. "If [the defendant] loses the case and refuses to comply with the order, he would face fines of $500 per case and up to a year in jail, his attorney said."

If the Mullins-Craig case is successful, it will do a huge disservice to the gay rights movement. A lot of supporters have come on board under the banner of, "It doesn't affect anyone else, so why should we stop them?" Well, if and when lawsuits arise, it does affect someone else, and not just in a vague "changing the definition of marriage" way. A year in jail is nothing to sweep under the rug.

The gay marriage supporters should roundly condemn the couples who pursue legal action against persons and organizations who refuse to service their weddings. Bullying their way into acceptance will not work and has already created some level of backlash. Now, it is still unacceptable to refuse to sell a man a cupcake because he is gay, but we've not seen that happen. That would be a despicable form of discrimination. However, the right to practice one's religion still supersedes the non-existent "right" to have whomever you want work for your wedding.

Besides, if you force someone to service you, you will get what you asked for. Who wants a lopsided cake with no sugar or blurry wedding photos? Think before you file.

And to the Christians who refuse: it might be more prudent to say you're booked solid than to invite a discrimination lawsuit.

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