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NAIROBI: The Grace of God OR the world of the West?

NAIROBI: The Grace of God OR the world of the West?

By The Rev Dr Michael Ovey
October 22, 2103

My first really significant encounter with worldwide Anglicanism came at theological college. It was 1990 and an east African priest was on secondment with us. He preached in the college chapel. He posed a question. Which gospel, he asked, which gospel do you westerners want us to believe? The one you came with or the one you preach now? Which gospel? I was horrified, not because what he said was not true. I was horrified because it was true.

My east African brother's question has nagged away at me ever since. But how has it come about that we have a different gospel now from the one we first preached. What is this difference between what we westerners say now and what we said then?

Read more in full text pdf: http://gafcon.org/images/uploads/The_Grace_of_God_or_the_world_of_the_West.pdf

Dr. Michael Ovey is the Principal of Oak Hill College, England

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