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Feminist Careerism Sinks Civilized Synod Compromise

Feminist Careerism Sinks Civilized Synod Compromise

by Julian Mann
Cranmer's Curate
July 10, 2010

The House of Clergy in the General Synod is now dominated by politically-correct activists who are thoroughly sold to the careerist feminist agenda. That is clear from their decision to sink the attempt by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to prevent traditionalist clergy and parishes from being driven out of the Church of England by the women bishops' legislation.

The two Archbishops in bringing forward their amendment showed themselves to be generous and civilised men. A Conservative Evangelical such as Cranmer's Curate must acknowledge that.

In rejecting their amendment, the House of Clergy showed themselves to be neither.

The prevailing zeitgeist was summarised neatly by the Venerable Christine Allsopp, Archdeacon of Northampton. She told the synod she was 'dismayed' by the compromise being put:

We recognise their good intentions in trying to help us all to hold together but I do not believe that this is good news, I do not believe that this will deliver and it is certainly not good news for women clergy.

Not only is that comment profoundly condescending but it also reveals that a vested interest was being pursued in the drive to sink the Archbishops' amendment: it is not good for women clergy.

Clergy are supposed to be servants of Christ and of His people. We are not meant to be thinking about what is good for us from a career point of view.

That comment shows that the drive for women bishops is basically about careerism rather than about self-sacrificial Christian service that walks in the way of the cross of Christ.



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