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DROMANTINE: Day Three of the Primates Meeting


Dear friends,

It is day three and tensions are rising dramatically among the media and those organizations here waiting for the news.

There is a total lockdown on information at the Dromantine Center. Cell phones are not being answered, there are no news leaks to report.

There were two major sessions both relating to the Windsor Report today. Based on what I saw Sunday at the cathedral in Armagh the primates are clearly on a trajectory. The joy and determination of the orthodox primates was evident, and the bewilderment of the liberals was also clearly evident.

What it means, at one level, is that the Primates control the agenda and not the Anglican Communion Office. This in itself is news. The spin doctors at the ACC no longer run the show.

At another level it is still too soon to say what the outcome will be. Speculation is not helpful at this point.

There will be a formal press conference on Friday at the Dromantine Center, the time yet to be determined, but anything could happen before then.

A communique will be prepared by a group of Primates - a mix of liberal and conservative, and I will release that immediately.

Tomorrow, Thursday, might see things come to a head. If it does I will report it to you all immediately.

Pray for the Primates, pray for those of us that we have the patience to wait. The Anglican communion hangs in the balance.

In Christ,

David W. Virtue

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