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ALEXANDRIA 2009: Sudanese Archbishop Says Strictures Stand Against TEC

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt: Sudanese Anglican Archbishop Says Strictures Stand Against Episcopal Church
Homosexual US Bishop should step down along with those who consecrated him

By David W. Virtue

The Anglican Archbishop of The Episcopal Church of the Sudan told a press conference here that there is no change in HIS attitude towards The American Episcopal Church, and called again for the activist homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire to step down.

VirtueOnline asked The Most Rev. Daniel Deng if his policy towards the American branch of Anglicanism had changed in regard to homosexual bishops since Lambeth. Deng replied, "Nothing has changed. What is needed is for the churches in the Anglican world to wrestle with these issues so it comes to an end. We are discussing that within the Primates."

Last summer, Deng held an impromptu press conference at Lambeth and slammed The Episcopal Church calling on the non-celibate homosexual Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, to resign along with all those who consecrated him. He made it clear that they should not have been invited to Lambeth.

Deng shocked his fellow bishops and threw a monkey wrench into the heavily controlled Lambeth media when he appeared alone at the press office at Lambeth and spoke his mind.

Over the past two years, there have been stepped up efforts by The Episcopal Church to increase its financial involvement and to press for companion relationships with Sudanese dioceses. Recently, a contingent of clergy and laity from the Diocese of Missouri visited the Diocese of Lui to do relief and development work.

Deng said his province has grown to four million Anglicans and is growing rapidly with 24 dioceses. Within two years, it will be 31 dioceses. He said the church has 300 primary schools.

Deng berated Sudanese leaders saying that much suffering continued in Darfur. "No progress has been made towards peace and aerial bombardment continues. There is a lack of willingness to negotiate. We are asking for support for the international efforts to bring peace to Darfur. Without a solution in Darfur, the whole country is at risk."


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