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Top TEC Officials pull down nearly $3 million a Year in Salaries

Top TEC Officials pull down nearly $3 million a Year in Salaries

By David W. Virtue, DD
April 10, 2017

For an institution that is slowly dying, with nary a diocese that is growing, you might be amazed, perhaps even shocked, at what the principal players in The Episcopal Church pull down in terms of salaries, not including housing allowances, which is a tax-free benefit.

The top five players including the Presiding Bishop, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and President of the House of Deputies (the latter gets nothing), pull down close to $1 million a year, (the exact amount is $920,430).

Bishop Michael Curry gets $280,500, (bear in mind that the Jesus Movement has yet to show an evangelistic profit); the Chief Financial Officer pulls down $230,830; The Executive Officer gets $209,100; the Chief Operating Officer gets $200,000 and HOD president Gay Jennings is branded a “volunteer,” does a lot of the heavy lifting and gets paid nothing.

Then there are the principal employees numbering some thirteen, beginning with the Director of Development who pulls down a mere $191,250, followed by the top legal counsel who gets $190,382. Three Canons to the Presiding Bishop pull in a total of $505,715. The lowest paid is the General Convention Manager who pulls in a mere $137,489. The Canonical Archivist pulls down $137,553. The total is almost $2 million. The Bishop-in-Charge, Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe pulls down a mere $74,468.

This does not include housing allowances totaling $75,000.

And this for a Church that if it were traded on the NASDAQ or as a pink slip stock would be worth next to nothing and not garner a single buyer. Like retail stores that are fast going out of business because of AMAZON, The Episcopal Church is sliding into oblivion, with the ACNA more than likely to make the NASDAQ about the same time TEC finally keels over and dies. Of course, not-for-profit companies cannot be share-holders, but you get my point.


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