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June 23 2018 By virtueonline JERUSALEM: Letter to the Churches - GAFCON Assembly 2018

We met together around the theme of "Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations". Each day began with common prayer and Bible exposition from Luke 22-24, followed by plenary sessions on God's Gospel, God's Church and God's World.


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June 21 2018 By virtueonline Anglican Consultative Council in a snit over GAFCON III's success

They came. Some 1,966 came from 52 countries spanning the globe. Nigeria sent 472 Anglican sons and daughters; the United States sent 367; Uganda sent 232; Australia sent 218; and the United Kingdom, where Anglicanism was founded, sent 204. They also came from Argentina (2); Bermuda (4); Brazil (15); Burundi (1); Cambodia (1); Canada (58); Chile (15); the Congo (34);

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June 21 2018 By virtueonline JERUSALEM: GAFCON III - A truly global gathering

It is all the more remarkable given that much of GAFCON’s support comes from areas of the majority world with only limited access to the web, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

So special is the global engagement that it cries out to be shared, for example, Robert M posted,

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June 20 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON Primates Clarify Remark of Chilean Bishop Tito Zavala to Stay in Communion

The position of GAFCON was clearly stated yesterday by South American Primate Greg Venables who said "we are not leaving the Anglican Communion, we are the Anglican Communion."

Zavala clarified his comment and said that the Diocese of Chile was in the final stage of being a province and reiterated that, "We belong to GAFCON and we have signed the Jerusalem Declaration."

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June 20 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON III: Ugandan Anglican bishop stirs global Christian conference

A gifted speaker, Olwa used his oratorical skills to stir delegates from more than 50 countries.

"As the Anglican community, do not fear to take a stand for Jesus. You are either in or out. You cannot sit on the fence," he said to thunderous applause.

The Anglican Communion, like many sections of global Christianity, is faced with the relativisation of biblical teaching by culture, particularly on biblical authority, the true Gospel, mission, marriage and sexuality.

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June 20 2018 By virtueonline The Five Bishops of Brazil

Archbishop Miguel Uchoa and Bishops Marcio Meira, Flavio Soares, Marcio Simoes, and Evilasio Tenorio Silva gathered outside during Gafcon 2018 to talk about church planting strategies in the new province.

One such strategy is the House of Peace. Church planting is promoted primarily through cell groups, which, when they multiply to five or seven groups, combine to form a new congregation. Archbishop Miguel Uchoa explained the process:

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June 20 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON III: Jerusalem Archbishop urges GAFCON delegates to pursue "diversity and difference"

Dawani, who had been banned from GAFCON II by Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori and had Colorado Bishop Rob O'Neill looking over his shoulder to make sure he never came near the conference, greeted the 2,000 delegates meeting at the International Conference Center and welcomed them to his diocese, urging delegates to be a catalyst for reconciliation within the Christian community and the wider world.

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June 19 2018 By virtueonline GAFCON III: Nigerian Primate Calls on Delegates to Proclaim Christ Faithfully to the Nations

God's Gospel is the life-transforming message of salvation from sin and all its consequences through the death and resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is both a declaration and a summons: announcing what has been done for us in Christ and calling us to repentance, faith and submission to His Lordship.

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June 19 2018 By virtueonline No "Fence Sitting" For GAFCON Anglicans

"Some people like Pilate want to take a pass on deciding about Jesus," assessed Bishop Alfred Olwa of the Diocese of Lango, Uganda in a morning bible study drawing upon Luke Chapter 22:66-23:25. "Some people fear the jeering of the crowd more than the judgment of God."

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June 18 2018 By virtueonline A Letter from Bishop Mark Lawrence after the Supreme Court Decision Re: South Carolina

Before leaving, however, let me share a few thoughts regarding the denial of our recent petition. The U. S. Supreme Court's denial is not an affirmation of the South Carolina Supreme Court's August 2 opinion nor of the merits of our position. It leaves us, however, back in the Dorchester County Court with a conflicted and fractured ruling.

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