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July 15 2018 By dvirtue GC79: It's a done deal: SSM spreads to all dioceses

The final House of Deputies overwhelming and lopsided total vote (200-6-8) came just mere hours before the final gavel was sounded ending the 79th time that Episcopalians gathered in General Convention.

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July 13 2018 By dvirtue GC79: Bishop Love passionately defends consecration vows in matrimony debate

Three times Bishop Love referenced the prayer book in his plea. He recalled the promises he made at his own episcopal consecration as bishop on Sept. 16, 2006, at the hands of Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold, and his Albany predecessors Daniel Herzog (VIII Albany); David Bell (VII Albany) and David Bena (Albany-suffragan). Church of Ireland Bishop Harold Miller was on hand as an ecumenical representative of the wider Anglican Communion.

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July 13 2018 By dvirtue GC79: Cuba rejoins TEC as long-lost spiritual daughter

In 1901, The Episcopal Church created the Missionary District of Cuba under the watchful eye of XII Presiding Bishop Thomas Clark. At the same time the Missionary Diocese of Puerto Rico was also created.

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July 11 2018 By dvirtue GC79: Bishops Kill BCP Revision

The bishops' alternative emerged through an amendment offered by Texas Bishop Andy Doyle. His plan calls for memorializing the 1979 book "as a Prayer Book of the church preserving the psalter, liturgies, The Lambeth Quadrilateral, Historic Documents, and Trinitarian Formularies ensuring its continued use."

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July 11 2018 By dvirtue GC79: Step 2: HOD passes B012 now sent to HOB

Hayes' amendment was designed to "honor the theological diversity of this church on the issue of marriage while ensuring that liturgies for marriage of same-sex couples can be used a widely as possible."

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue AUSTIN, TX: B012 opens way for Episcopal Churchwide same-sex weddings

The trimmed down version of B012 is slated to be discussed on the floor of the House of Deputies on Saturday (July 7). If it passes the lower house, it will be trotted over to the House of Bishops for a final discussion and vote.


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July 09 2018 By dvirtue BRISBANE, Aust: It is time for churches to formally recognise same-sex relationships and marriages

The Anglican Dean of Brisbane, Dr Peter Catt, believes churches should formally recognise same-sex unions.

So, I think of the talented young man I employed who brought his male partner into the life of the community. Within weeks, the members of the Women's Guild were referring to them as "the lovely new couple" and supplying their home with casseroles and cake.

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue AUSTIN, TX: Orange is not a liturgical color

First on the agenda was a midmorning public witness event, a gathering of the Bishops United Against Gun Violence at Brush Square Park in Austin. The park, considered a shady downtown oasis, is across the street from the Austin Convention Center, which overlooks the Colorado River as it snakes through Austin.

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue AUSTIN, TX: Integrity Renamed "The Episcopal Rainbow"

The announcement was made during the group's Integrity Eucharist on July 8. The service of Holy Communion is held concurrently with General Convention every three years and attended by several hundred LGBT persons and supporters at the JW Marriott near the Austin Convention Center.

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July 09 2018 By dvirtue RIP: 1979 Book of Common Prayer about to fade into history

"Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, That the 79th General Convention authorize the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, plus two members or representatives from Province IX of The Episcopal Church, one being a bishop of said province and one being a clergy or lay representative of said province, to undertake comprehensive revision of The Book of Common Prayer 1979 ..."

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