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Wife of Church of England Dean brings charge of 'indecent assault' against Christian leader

Wife of Church of England Dean brings charge of 'indecent assault' against Christian leader
41-year old complaint raises issue of motivation and 'why now'

By David W. Virtue, DD
May 12, 2018

The wife of a Church of England dean has filed a 41-year old complaint of "indecent assault" at Canon Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, 71, former head of Barnabas Fund.

The trial of Barnabas Fund founder commences at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Monday 23rd of July, 2018.

Dr. Sookhdeo is charged with an indecent assault on a woman in London in 1977.

Dr. Sookhdeo denies the charge.

The State classifies Dr. Sookhdeo as a "bad character", given that since February, 2015, he has a criminal record.

Dr. Sookhdeo was convicted of an indecent assault and two counts of witness intimidation at Swindon Crown Court in 2015. Sookhdeo has always maintained his innocence.

To this day, Patrick "bad character" Sookhdeo remains highly respected for his charitable ministry and academic work. He is the author of recently acclaimed The Death of Western Christianity, "Drinking from the Poisoned Wells of the Cultural Revolution." In this book he speaks of how the church in the West once blazed brightly, but now the flame is all but out. He argues that the brazen acceptance of pansexuality is partly to blame.

His current accuser -- who cannot be named (in the UK) -- first made her 41-year-old complaint to police several months after Dr. Sookhdeo was convicted in 2015.

However, he is not the only person to protest his innocence since 2015. I was present at his first trial and along with many others believe that Dr. Sookhdeo ought to have been found not guilty of all charges.

A major report called "Sookhdeo NOT GUILTY" was published in 2016.

In the report, Baroness Caroline Cox describes Dr. Sookhdeo as "a person of the greatest integrity ... trustworthy and truthful ... he relates to women with modesty and respect."

At the trial, Judge Peter Blair QC tried to obtain a unanimous verdict, but failed. The judge then gave the jury permission to get a majority verdict. Had there been a 9 to 3 decision, the case would have had to be retried. 80% of the jury were white women. Sookhdeo is of Pakistani birth.

The judge apparently thought so little of the guilty verdict that he sentenced the BAI leader to three months community service in the form of a curfew. Dr. Sookhdeo paid no fine and was not entered on the sex offenders register. He paid prosecution costs of $4,500.00 and a $100.00 victim surcharge fee.

You can read my stories on this trial here:



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