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Dear friends,

As we give thanks, in this season of Thanksgiving, I have wanted to express how grateful I am for all of you, our community. In the process of strategizing about "Virtue Online 2.0", one of the questions was, how far would the VOL community support a major update for the website. Would such a big project even be wanted by the community? It turns out the answer is a resounding YES. Over the last four weeks, both here, and on facebook, and in private, you have shown such an immense support for VOL 2.0, a hope for the future, and a courage to see through difficulties in order to get to the other side.

The idea of crowdfunding the next generation of VirtueOnline is pretty much unheard of in Christian and Anglican circles. We are trailblazing major new ground here! Christian organizations have no money these days, but they frequently have a very large community of people that wish them well. In the past there has been no way to connect the many small well-wishers with the ability to support an organization; but recent technologies have created a platform for raising funds that has never before existed in the history of Christianity.

The campaign is already at nearly $6,000, out of the total $40,000 needed to raise for the project. The campaign will end in just six weeks, so there isn't much time left to raise the difference... I however choose to be incredibly thankful for what has already been given. I have been at this for twenty years, and you've been there right alongside me. Together the men and women allied for the Gospel and nourished in the beauty of the Anglican tradition can make amazing things happen, and I have been blessed enough to be with you, and among you.

God be with you, in all your endeavors,

David Virtue, DD

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