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February 20 2019 By dvirtue God in the Bible, Allah in the Qur'an, and Teaching your ex-Muslim Christian

People interested in leaving Islam for Christianity often believe that the personality of God is the same; they have heard that Christians worship the true God but our fault is in associating Jesus with him, calling Jesus God's Son. So when they move from Islam to Christianity they tend to focus on superficial differences regarding dress and diet. They rightly realize that they are getting rid of Muhammad and declaring allegiance to Jesus.

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February 10 2019 By dvirtue The Neurotic Syndrome of Failed Self-Righteousness

This spiritual warfare is occurring on at least two fronts-- which represent opposite ends of the spectrum of ecclesiastically sponsored evil--that is, both lawlessness and religious legalism. As indicated in Paul's letters as well as in the Lord's messages to the churches in Asia (Revelation 2-3), this is a war that has been waged for millennia. Christians and churches can be damaged and become out of balance by either too much license or too much law.

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January 30 2019 By dvirtue Britain and religious freedom 300 years after Catholic emancipation

Under this legislation those who refused to attend Church of England service (recusants), whether Catholic or Nonconformist, could also suffer severe penalties.

But from 1800 these Acts were seldom enforced, except at Oxford and Cambridge universities, where Nonconformists and Catholics could not matriculate (Oxford) or graduate (Cambridge). The Acts were finally repealed over a number of years with little controversy.

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January 22 2019 By dvirtue Three Things That Bring on Spiritual Attacks

The demons of darkness are opposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and will do anything in their power to prevent people from being saved. They've gone so far as to have their own ministers (2 Cor 11:4), but they will do anything they can to make you lose your testimony or not share your faith.

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January 20 2019 By dvirtue Conciliarism-What Does It Really Mean?

In your own local Anglican church, you will find this "council" at the annual congregational meeting, and between those meetings through a representative group called the vestry. At the diocesan level, this happens at the annual diocesan synod--gathering all of the clergy and lay delegates of every congregation to meet together "in council" to make important decisions that affect the life and mission of the diocese and its congregations.

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If Jesus Christ is truly risen from the dead, He entered back into life through the gate of the Empty Tomb, body and all. It was the Creator God, the Mind behind Matter, who worked a new creative act in raising His Son. The American author John Updike captures the radicality of this event when he writes:

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December 11 2018 By dvirtue GOD THE FATHER: Three Biblical Reflections

But the Archbishop also said that God is not a father in the same way that a human would be -- and that descriptions of God are always "to some degree metaphorical".

Speaking at St Martin-in-the-Fields in London on Monday evening, Archbishop Justin said: "It is extraordinarily important as Christians that we remember that the definitive revelation of who God is was not in words, but in the word of God who we call Jesus Christ. We can't pin God down."

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December 05 2018 By dvirtue Pontius Pilate's Name Is Found on 2,000-Year-Old Ring

To the very short list of clues about Pilate as a historical figure, archaeologists have added one more: a 2,000-year-old copper alloy ring bearing his name.

The ring was discovered in the late 1960s, one of thousands of artifacts found in the excavation of Herodium, an ancient fortress and palace south of Bethlehem, in the West Bank. But it was not until recently that researchers, analyzing those objects with advanced photography, were able to decipher the ring's inscription.

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December 02 2018 By dvirtue ANGLICAN INDEBTEDNESS AND IDENTITY (Part Three)

This truly beautiful prayer is the excellent composition of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 until his execution." Ecclesiastical history records that the controversial Primate's notion of truth and reform differed greatly from previous generations of Anglican leadership that guided the English Church from Rome to Reformational confession and custom. "Educated at St.

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December 01 2018 By dvirtue This is the way physics ends. Not with a Big Bang, but a feminist whimper

We're talking about elite fields in academia, not dirty and dangerous male-dominated jobs like front-line soldiering, long-haul trucking, garbage collection, street paving, commercial fishing, mining, logging, roofing, sanitation, construction, sewer repair, and so on. Feminists aren't fighting to get more women into these jobs.

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