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SINGAPORE: ABC Urges Patience to Global South Anglican Leaders as Tensions Rise

SINGAPORE: ABC Urges Patience to Global South Anglican Leaders as Tensions Rise in Communion
ABC Acknowledges that Communion is Broken. He will consult with leaders over Glasspool Consecration

By David W. Virtue in Singapore
April 20, 2010

Acknowledging that the Anglican family is broken and that tensions are deepening with the election of Mary Glasspool in Los Angeles, the Archbishop of Canterbury sent a video message to delegates at the Fourth Global South Encounter saying that he was in discussion with a number of people around the world about what consequences might follow from that decision.

Williams said there was the need for a covenant "in the light of confusion, brokenness and tension within our Anglican family - a brokenness and a tension that has been made still more acute by recent decisions in some of our Provinces."

In his message to the Anglican leaders he urged patience saying that there are no "quick solutions for the wounds of the Body of Christ."

"It is the work of the Spirit that heals the Body of Christ, not the plans or the statements of any group, or any person, or any instrument of communion. Naturally we seek to minimize the damage, to heal the hurts, to strengthen our mission, to make sure that it goes forward with integrity and conviction."

Dr. Williams said decisions have to be taken. "At the same time we must all share in a sense of repentance and willingness to be renewed by the Spirit."

"While the tensions and the crises of our Anglican Communion will of course be in your minds as they are in mine, [I hope] that you will allow the Holy Spirit to lift your eyes to that broader horizon of God's purpose for us as Anglicans, for us as Christians, and indeed for us as human beings."

Williams said that adoption and glory are the treasures given to us in the very earthenware vessels of our discipleship with its varying failings and confusions. "God has promised to be faithful. And it's his faithfulness that we celebrate at this Easter season, and as we wait for the seal of the Spirit at Pentecost."

The full text and video of the ABC's message can be read and viewed here: http://www.archbishopofcanterbury.org/2820

The ENS story can be read here: http://www.episcopalchurch.org/79425_121780_ENG_HTM.htm

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