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Reformation & Revival
March 01 2013 By virtueonline What Makes a Dead Church

To be clear, the congregation, affiliated with the moderate-liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, isn't dissolving. Having secured a lease agreement with a nearby church, Scott Boulevard will continue on without their facility of 60 years. But the article establishes the downward trajectory of the church.

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February 21 2013 By virtueonline The Explosive Growth of U.S. Megachurches, Even While Many Say Their Day is Done

While imitation is often the greatest form of flattery and many copy their methods, their terminology, and their programs, megachurches tend to face scrutiny-- some fair and some unfair. In the process, several unhelpful things are said about them either out of jealousy or ignorance. One piece of misinformation spread about megachurches is that they are a dying breed.

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February 19 2013 By virtueonline Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church

The facts:

The statistics are jaw-droppingly horrific: 70% of youth stop attending church when they graduate from High School. Nearly a decade later, about half return to church.


Let that sink in.

There's no easy way to say this: The American Evangelical church has lost, is losing, and will almost certainly continue to lose OUR YOUTH.

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February 11 2013 By virtueonline VISIONS OF JESUS APPEARING TO MUSLIMS?

According to a CBN report, Christian Middle East evangelist Hazem Farraj's television program "Reflections" is reaching a large Muslim audience. Farraj told CBNthat he hears from Muslims who report having dreams or visions of Jesus.

Tom Doyle, an evangelist, pastor and the E3 Partners Ministry director for the Middle East and Central Asia says it's true: Muslims are coming to Christianity through dreams and visions.

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February 01 2013 By virtueonline An Orientation to China's Reforming Churches

The turn toward Reformed theology and church polity is geographically widespread but far from enveloping the majority of congregations. Arising out of the practical demands of pastoral ministry and the church's mission, this movement is as vibrant and vigorous as it is young and tender. Critically, it is an actual reformation of the church.(2) We are not talking about a pocket of evangelicals who have just discovered Reformed soteriology, as good as that sort of thing is.

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January 26 2013 By virtueonline Moving Beyond the Basics - Donald P. Richmond

Dr. Watson, Holmes' educated assistant, learned this lesson well. What was at one time most difficult for him to understand, with time became "elementary." By associating and learning from Holmes, Watson became a most adept investigator.

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January 15 2013 By virtueonline "This house believes in God" - Canon Michael Green

We've thrown out the old-fashioned idea of a Creator, remember. So we'll have to do without one. Right, the world must have arisen by chance. Even more amazing is the emergence of life, apparently on this planet alone. That must be by chance, too, if there was no Creator. So impersonal matter, given masses of time and chance, produced personal life, did it? Well it didn't work that way when Pasteur tried it.

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January 15 2013 By virtueonline What's Right and Wrong With American Christianity

1) We are at the forefront of feeding the poor and providing disaster relief worldwide. From the earthquake in Haiti to the tsunami in Japan, and from orphanages in Latin America to feeding programs in Africa, organizations like World Vision and Samaritan's Purse are there, making a difference.

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January 11 2013 By virtueonline The Big Boom: What Pastors Need to Know about Boomers

Boomers care about causes. They want to change the world for the better. The calling of James 1:27 - to care for widows and orphans - resonates with this generation. Church leaders can tap into Boomers' desire to make a difference by providing opportunities for up close and personal ministry.

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January 04 2013 By virtueonline Things People Should Never Say They Never Heard at Your Church

Granted, people do not remember all they should remember. It's possible the fault lies with the hearers as much as the speakers. But still, that's only more incentive to make certain thing crystal clear. We must not assume our people know what they need to know. We can't assume they've heard what we think we've told them.

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