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PLANO, TX: Christ Church Making Canonical Transfer to ACNA

PLANO, TX: Christ Church Making Canonical Transfer to ACNA

By David H. Roseberry
October 6th, 2010

Dear Friends,

Today I have an important announcement about our affiliation with the Anglican world. Since our departure from the Episcopal Church in 2006, the Vestry of Christ Church and our clergy have been careful to stay connected to the larger Anglican world through our bishops. We have been affiliated with the AMiA (Anglican Mission in the Americas) since January of 2007.

It has been a very happy relationship. We have been well served and, by God's Grace, we (our church and its clergy) have been able to make significant contributions to its mission and ministry. It has been a blessing to be there.

In the summer of 2009, the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) was born. Representatives of all the Anglican bodies within U.S. and Canada attended a conference in Bedford and launched the beginnings of a new "proto-Province" within the Anglican Communion.

Then, as many here would remember, the Rt. Rev. Robert Duncan was instituted as the new Archbishop of the ACNA at Christ Church. Those who attended would surely agree with me: It was one of the finest moments I can remember at Christ Church.

It was at this Investiture that Anglican1000 was born. At this Investiture, the world "saw" the fullness of this new fledgling movement. There were dozens of bishops, hundreds of clergy, and still hundreds more laity. Many of us were weeping for joy to be part of a new united work that God was doing in our North America.

Recently, for reasons fully explained in a letter to the members of the AMiA, Bishop Chuck Murphy led the AMiA through a change of status within the ACNA. He and the Council of Bishops of the AMiA petitioned the ACNA to be a "Ministry Partner" rather than a full member of the ACNA. Much of the reasons for this have to do with the AMiA's desire to stay fully linked with the Province of Rwanda and maintain their own missionary culture in North America.

In consultation with our Vestry and our clergy, I have asked Bishop Murphy to accept our request for transfer to the ACNA, in order to remain within the North American provincial structure. Bishop Murphy graciously heard my desire and will grant our transfer. Therefore, within the next week or so, our congregation, our clergy, and our parish will be canonically transferred to the ACNA.

Our long term plan is to work with other Anglican churches in the Dallas area and build a Diocesan structure in the Dallas metroplex, but that will take a few years to realize. In the interim we will be linked to the oversight ministry of the Archbishop of the ACNA and the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Archbishop

Robert Duncan. This Christ Church/ACNA/Diocese of Pittsburgh relationship will be a blessing for all of us. Already we are engaged in the important work of Anglican1000 (an initiative of the ACNA).

I realize that for nearly all in our church this will be truly a transparent event. Nothing will change. Our mission and our ministry will go on as it has gone on for 25 years now. We will have plenty of occasions to meet and welcome Bishop Duncan here in the future. Our 6th grade class will love him when he comes for their Confirmation ceremony. He is a good man and a Godly bishop...and now he is our overseeing bishop. We are truly blessed. This link allows us to continue to build our work here in the North Dallas area and to partner with other clergy and bishops and dioceses all over North America to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Personally, I am very thankful for the response I received from Bishop Murphy. And I give thanks to God for the long-standing relationship that I have...and that Christ Church now has...with the Archbishop, Robert Duncan. With the blessings we have been given here, we also have the joy of sharing as well. Christ Church will be able to transfer its financial pledge to the AMiA directly to the Diocese of Pittsburgh and the ACNA.

Thank you for your trust and confidence over these past 25 years. We have seen God do great things here, and as we celebrate 25 years of ministry this year, we know that God is leading us onward.


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