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By Roger Salter
Special to Virtueonline
Feb. 23 2018

The culture of sodomy and attendant evils has permeated the life of human society at every level - religious, political, artistic, commercial - every expression and enterprise of our humanity. It is not only apparent but brazen and as its condonation and support increases its devotees will become increasingly oppressive.

The era of intense persecution of Christians draws ever more near in the general denial of the Genesis description of sexuality - its nature and appropriate roles of male and female under God's gracious provision of holy intimacy in the relationship of heterosexual marriage.

The creation mandate is being mauled over by a sinister perversion that violates the image of God in the divinely ordained duo of Man and Woman in affectionate and dutiful wedlock.

Our society undergoes a process of spiritual, mental, physical and community pollution on a vast and pervasive scale. And as civilization goes down in flames its leaders and prominent voices become more and more assertive in their arrogance and bitterness toward Christian norms. News and entertainment media major in promoting pansexual propaganda. With the expanding reality of outsourcing television and radio programs on the part of broadcasters we the audience have no idea of the principles (if any) and proclivities of the originators and as to what may be their ultimate agenda.

British television and cinema, for example, mocks and mangles the wholesome literature on which it bases its dramatic productions. Gratuitous sexual themes and innuendo is introduced without justification and in ways that authors and subjects would surely disapprove (e.g. Chesterton, Christie, and Mike Lee's scene depicting the artist William Turner in an abominably deviant act in the movie Mr. Turner). Where do the creators of our entertainment gain their per-mission to distort established fiction and available fact?

There is wildness and lawlessness at work in our decadent tastelessness that is menacing and worrying and which misinforms and misleads our younger generations.

The horrific and gruesome portrayals of Sodom and Gomorrah in Dino De Laurentiis' epic film The Bible are no longer confined to the cinema screen but viewed regularly in news and entertainment programs watched on television or read in journalistic material in the average home or supermarket newsstand.

Our generation in its public guise is grotesque. One doesn't wish to probe its character in private practice. Currently British television is preoccupied with various forms of sexual scandal. The precious gift of sexual desire and attraction as God meant it to be is hard for most of us to cope with virtuously. We need due humility and contrition before the Lord.

Society is being reshaped in its essence and it is assuming the nature of profound and open sin-fulness in its most audacious form and chastity is imperiled by constant and powerful temptation.

Homosexuality is outrightly homophobic. It attacks genuine masculinity and femininity. It is de-structive of our Maker's wise design for humanity - constitution, vocation and destiny. It is funda-mentally immature resulting in all the marks of the lack of responsible adulthood, namely childish naughtiness and cheekiness, petulance at any prohibition of behavior, and exhibitionism designed to shock and offend. Only divine mercy as a mighty force can turn back the tide, but if the deluge is permitted to overwhelm us it is only by divine mercy that confessors of Christ will survive. It may be that in the divine sovereignty (his power is unlimited) this generation has gone beyond the point of redemption.

The Rev. Roger Salter is an ordained Church of England minister where he had parishes in the dioceses of Bristol and Portsmouth before coming to Birmingham, Alabama to serve as Rector of St. Matthew's Anglican Church

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