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DURHAM, UK: Convicted Child Porn Theology Professor Back Teaching at University

DURHAM, UK: Convicted Child Porn Theology Professor Back Teaching at University

By David W. Virtue, DD
October 27, 2017

A theology professor who escaped prison sentence despite making the "mistake" of storing indecent images of male youngsters on his domestic computer in March of this year, is back to lecture at Durham University's School of Theology.

Professor Robert Hayward will give a seminar in Old Testament titled: Badgers and Greyhounds? Some Text-linguistic Comments on the Book of Proverbs on November 28, 2017. The lecture is being sponsored by the Dept. of Theology & Religion, Abbey House, Durham. Hayward was considered an icon of the Theology department, and one of its longest-serving members of staff.

The 68-year-old bachelor was arrested after police visited his home in Neville's Cross, Durham, last January and discovered 165 images of underage children in a raid at his home.

Hayward was prosecuted in March and given a two-year community supervision order, and made subject to a sexual harm prevention order and registration as a sex offender, both for five years.

Durham Crown Court was told three computers and 11 memory sticks contained 165 indecent images of male youngsters.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, said three were in the most serious category, while 45 other film clips, were of eight hours and 25 minutes' duration.

All had been downloaded and stored by the defendant after October, 2010.

Baker said the boys featured were considered to be aged 12 - 17.

Hayward admitted being sole user of the computers but expressed surprise they featured indecent photographs of a child, having previously denied making the images.

VOL reached out to Durham University for comment, but got no reply.

The Northern Echo contributed to this story.

The following is a UK database of 'crimes against kids' in which Hayward is featured.


VOL finally heard from professor Lewis Ayres, head of the Durham School of Theology and this is what he wrote:

Professor Hayward is presenting academic work at one session of a research seminar at the University in November. This is on an unpaid, voluntary basis. The seminar is attended by academic staff and PhD students who wish to attend.

Professor Hayward also ran a reading group for PhD students during this academic year. This series of reading sessions was also on an unpaid, voluntary basis and took place off the University premises, at a cafe in Durham, for PhD students who wished to attend.

Professor Hayward is not employed by the University and has not been paid for any of the interactions outlined above.

With best wishes,

Lewis Ayres

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