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March 10 2019
The Last Days of Christian America Al Mohler, who is regarded as a major leader of the "Christian Right" has gone on record saying, "The most basic contours of American culture have been radically altered.
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March 08 2019
United Methodists Nix Homosexual Marriage * Welby Mounts High-Level Campaign to Induce Orthodox Bishops to come to Lambeth 2020 * UK and US Bishops Blast Welby and Fearon over failed invitations for Same-Sex Spouses * Resolution 1:10 already violated Empty religion. We need to listen again to the biblical criticism of religion. No book, not even by Marx and his followers, is more scathing of empty religion than the Bible.
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March 06 2019
UK: WITHOUT LOCAL STEWARDSHIP TRUSTS RENEW WON'T BE RENEWING Would he get in trouble under the Clergy Discipline Measure for refusing to conduct a service celebrating a person's gender transition?
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March 05 2019
March 03 2019
Save our children from the sex and gender activists who are using them as tools of their fundamentalist ideology One of the oddest things about the project is that a Conservative government has been captured by progressive campaigners and is using the law to deprive parents of their freedom of thought and con
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March 02 2019
On The Road In Dubai For GAFCON 2019 Let me share a few reflections I picked up today from Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, and a brother who shall remain nameless for reasons of security.
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March 02 2019
Bishops supporting ISIS-bride Shamima Begum have no vocabulary for evil "Evil is a make-believe concept we've invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own," he sermonised.
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March 02 2019
Statement by the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin on the Arrest of Jesus Antonio Castañeda-Serna The Anglican Diocese of SanJoaquin hired an independent third party to conduct an internal investigation.
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February 28 2019
Activists will target churches who counsel LGBT people, therapist warns 'God's Voice' conference David Pickup, a licensed therapist who is a board member at the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and a practitioner of sexual orientation change efforts ther
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