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LAMBETH: Tanzanian Bishop says "We're Not Traveling Together" with Robinson

LAMBETH: Tanzanian Bishop says "We're Not Traveling Together" with Robinson

By Hans Zeiger in Canterbury
July 31, 2008

CANTERBURY-An Anglican bishop from Tanzania told VirtueOnline early this week that he does not recognize Gene Robinson, the openly gay Bishop of New Hampshire, as part of the Communion.

The Rt. Rev. Yohana Mkava, Bishop of Kondoa, said of Robinson, "He's not in our conference. He's out. I don't recognize him as a bishop, me personally. The whole thing was done out of order, so we don't recognize that. According to the basis of Scripture, supreme authority belongs to the church. So we're not traveling together."

Mkava said that most Anglicans in the world are troubled by homosexual ordination. "The Anglican Communion is very wide," he said. "They are divided. Other people think it is a problem, but for a majority, we see it as a problem."

Mkava foresees an end to the current divisions in the church. He expressed his hope that "This problem will end in the future. It will take time. We are in the process to get the mind of the church."



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