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Homosexualist Campaigner at the Heart of Lambeth Palace Rightly Disclosed

Homosexualist Campaigner at the Heart of Lambeth Palace Rightly Disclosed

By Julian Mann
Special to Virtueonline
June 1, 2014

It could be apocryphal but the story goes that in the late 1970s the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Donald Coggan, was asked by a reporter in mocking tones: "Where is the Devil?" Dr Coggan disarmed him completely when he replied: "The Devil is in the Church."

This spiritual insight into the inner workings of the institutional Church has come devastatingly true in the revelation that Archbishop Welby's correspondence secretary Andrew Nunn is campaigning for the homosexualist agenda.

This is clearly evident from the e-mail Mr Nunn sent to Anglican (ex-gay and proud) blogger Phelim McIntyre, who has disclosed the full correspondence on his blog, Line in the Sand. Mr McIntyre had courageously and courteously written to Archbishop Welby expressing concern about the Church of England's collaboration with the highly politically influential homosexualist lobby group Stonewall in an anti-homophobic bullying programme for church schools.

Mr Nunn told Mr McIntyre in terms that clearly reveal his real spiritual and moral objective:

"Well Mr McIntyre, since we’re putting cards on the table, I am gay and I have no doubt whatsoever that I was born this way. You utterly contradict my experience and that of the vast majority of gay men and women by promoting a specious theory that people can change their sexuality. All research shows that they cannot. There are doubtless some people – and you may be one of them – who are genuinely bi-sexual and able to chose a heterosexual or homosexual focus to a sexual and emotional relationship, but most people aren’t and can’t. Please understand that your experience – which I do not deny or disparage – is not typical of that of the vast majority of LGBT people.

"As you will know, in the USA, Exodus, the Christian ‘reparative therapy’ group that ruined the lives of untold number of gay men and women has shut up shop and its former leaders have publicly apologised for the terrible harm their organisation did to a large number of homosexuals. And not before time.

"In the area of homophobic bullying, the Church must stop telling people what the answer is and with humility listen to find out what the question is. As far as the majority of gay people in this country are concerned, the Church is the problem, not the answer. Archbishop Justin is understandably concerned about that and anxious to listen to their experience and to learn how to move forward with them.

Andrew Nunn
Correspondence Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lambeth Palace, London, SE1 7JU

Note Mr Nunn’s instruction to the Church in the name of the Archbishop to embrace the homosexualist agenda - the Church must learn how to move forward and stop being the problem. The arrogant presupposition there is that progress involves the Church moving away from its traditional biblical stance that the only right context for the expression of sexual love is heterosexual marriage.

Thus it is clear that at the heart of the Lambeth Palace communications’ operation there is a homosexualist campaigner to the grave dishonour of the Lord Jesus Christ and to the detriment of the precious flock beloved by our Saviour.

Satan will be smiling at the foothold he has gained in Archbishop's Welby's organisation but disclosing the spiritual and moral corruption and making it widely known is the first necessary step towards wiping the smile off his face.

To read the original story click here: http://tinyurl.com/mqtz9uc

Julian Mann is vicar of the Parish Church of the Ascension, Oughtibridge, South Yorkshire, UK

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