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GC2009: Puerto Rico Bishop Demonstrates Hypocrisy Signing HOB Minority Report

GC2009: Puerto Rico Bishop Demonstrates Hypocrisy Signing HOB Minority Report at GC2009

By David W. Virtue

A minority report signed by 35 bishops of the Episcopal Church upholding the church's moratorium on future gay bishops contains the signature of the Bishop of Puerto Rico, one David Alvarez.

The question is why?

Alvarez is among the most liberal bishops of TEC's offshore licensee Episcopal dioceses it claims as its own along with Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan, to name but a few.

Alvarez's track record is dismal, to say the least.

He has deposed seven or eight priests because of The Episcopal Church's "Pansexual Agenda". He has also invited the homosexual bishop Gene Robinson to lecture to the diocese on "Human Sexuality"; the new progressive one.

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Paris, a former TEC priest, university psychology professor and author of a book on Alvarez, is one of his victims.

He wrote VOL saying, "He has persecuted every one of us for the last six years. He is on record backing same-sex unions in the Puerto Rico legislature. He has actively promoted the gay agenda in every possible way you could imagine and is on record as saying that the global south leaders are just a bunch of primitive fundamentalists. Alvarez has written quite publicly promoting homosexual practice and unions, and is on record as saying that 'two men having sex is not a sin'."

Paris said Alvarez made the last statement in front of a group of clergy from his own diocese. "He has also ordained practicing homosexuals and does not deny it." So why did he sign the minority report in Anaheim?

"The man smells the future of The Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion and is trying to save face, since all that is happening was predicted in my book that was published in October of 2003. He ordered me to trash the book and then deposed me for not doing it. He has always claimed that my analysis was pure fantasy. The man is a liar, a hypocrite and a traitor to the Faith."

The book "El Error de la Convencion General de la Iglesia Episcopal: Por que no podemos seguirlo", devotes one chapter to each and every argument Alvarez has ever made in public to the local media, in favor of the actions of the 2003 General Convention and the homosexual agenda.

"The whole island knows he is an ardent defender of ordaining practicing homosexuals and of same sex marriage," said Paris.

"Another former TEC priest, Fr. Pedro Balleste is well aware of all of this. He was deposed just for speaking at the presentation of my book. Another priest was deposed for meeting with me just to talk."

"I was sick when I read this. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. I wonder what the ABC (Dr. Rowan Williams) and the people of the liberal evangelical FULCRUM blog will do with this type of bishop?"

"Have no doubt, Alvarez is evil and there are no signs of repentance in him. I know, I live on the same tiny island (100 miles x 38 miles) of Puerto Rico."

"Alvarez is sitting on the other side of the fence to see if he can reclassify himself for what is coming."


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