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GC2009: HOB and HOD Pass Resolution to Allow All Baptized Persons to Ordination

Houses of Bishops and Deputies Pass Resolution to Allow All Baptized Persons to Ordination

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Another milestone was passed when both the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies passed Resolution D025 resolution affirming that all baptized persons be permitted access to "any ordained ministry" in The Episcopal Church.

Both houses passed the resolution by 2 to 1.

Bishops either railed against it, calling it communion breaking, while the majority of bishops saw it as a "justice" issue for full inclusion for LGBT folk in TEC.

But criticism for this resolution came from an unlikely source. Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham, roundly condemned the action of TEC and wrote a piece saying so for the London Times.

A source in England told VOL, "This is hot news: for Tom Wright to take a stand like this indicates that much of the HOB here sympathizes with him and will follow his lead. I predict that ACNA will receive warm support at September's HOB meeting. There are a number of liberal dinosaurs left in the HOB, but far fewer today than even three years ago. The tide is turning. General Convention may have sealed TEC's fate."

Following this piece of legislation, a resolution (C056) - liturgies for blessing same-sex persons with some amendments -- was debated in the HOB. There was no resolution of this issue by the end of the day. It is still being debated in the HOB and has not made it to the HOD.

The House of Deputies officially dumped evangelism in TEC. One valiant voice, The Rev. Dr. Peter Cook from the Diocese of Western Louisiana got his motion to Affirm Christ in a Multi-Faith and Non-Faith (C069) discharged by the HOD. No surprise there.


OneNewsNow.com did a poll about what would be your advice to those in the Episcopal Church who disagree with its stand on homosexual clergy? Of the 6404 responses so far, 89.32% said it is time to leave the denomination - 89.32%. Some 10.68% said they should remain - and pray church leaders will repent and stop ignoring scripture.


Anglican Mainstream responded to the decision of TEC House of Bishops to overturn moratorium on consecrating bishops in same-sex relationships. In a note from Dr. Philip Giddings, and Convenor and Canon Dr. Chris Sugden, Secretary of Anglican Mainstream, they said they have worked on the issue of unity and truth in the Anglican Communion for six years since June 2003. "We appreciate all the commitment the Archbishop of Canterbury has shown to maintain the unity of the Communion. Following the vote of The Episcopal Church House of Bishops to overturn the moratorium on consecrating those in same sex relationships as bishops, we would encourage the Archbishop of Canterbury to consult with those primates able to sign the Ridley Covenant Draft together with the Communion Partners in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church in North America to address the way forward from here."


The impact of TEC pansexual resolutions will be weighed. Gays and lesbians will be permitted to join any ordained ministry. The results will not be positive. Sources tell VOL that when all is said and done, the dribbling of parishes and priest leaving TEC will continue not from liberal and revisionist dioceses, but from the orthodox ones.

There is no doubt that when priests and parishes digest what has happened here, dioceses like Albany and South Carolina may make their moves. A bishop from the Anglican Church of North America who is here told VOL that he gives orthodox dioceses six months to a year before the noose will tighten on them from the national church. They will have to act, he said. We shall see. There is a lot of visible pain coming from orthodox bishops, but whether that translates into anything more than the immediate angst of the moment or something more, only time will tell.


ON the Continuing Church front, comes word that St. Stephen's Anglican Church in Athens, Texas, has ended its pastoral relationship with the Diocese of the Missouri Valley and with the Anglican Church in America. "We are saddened whenever a pastoral relationship ends. This action should also indicate to all those concerned one of the differences between the Anglican Church in America and the Episcopal Church. Our Canons allow a parish to request the ending of a pastoral relationship and following Biblical Teaching, we do not engage in law suits over property. If a parish decides that it does not wish to be associated with the Catholic Faith in the Anglican Tradition our Canons allow them to make that choice," said The Rt. Rev. Stephen D. Strawn, Bishop of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley.


In Moline, Illinois, Christ Church will not receive a preliminary injunction that would allow it continued access to church funds at First Midwest Bank of Moline. Rock Island County Circuit Judge James Mesich ruled in favor of the Episcopal Church, from which Christ Church separated last fall along with the rest of the Diocese of Quincy.

Christ Church filed suit in Rock Island County Circuit Court against the Episcopal Church earlier this month in a dispute about who should have access to the church's account at First Midwest Bank of Moline.

The Episcopal Church sent a letter to the bank in June, claiming it was the rightful owner of church assets. The bank froze the account, which prevented the members of Christ Church from withdrawing funds to pay bills, and restricted their access to the church property at 1717 8th Ave., Moline, the suit stated.


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In Christ,


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