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GC2009: The Company They Keep - Ubuntu

GC2009: The Company They Keep - Ubuntu.

By Michael Heidt in Anaheim
Special Correspondent

As all the world knows, "Ubuntu" is the theme of General Convention 2009. It's an African concept and, in case you're unfamiliar with it, there is a practitioner, John Lockley, a traditional African Shaman and one of the first white men to be fully initiated into Desmond Tutu's tribe, who can tell us all about it. His website, Sangoma (http://www.african-shaman.com/) tells us how his Ubuntu "workshops" can help us.

"John's powerful Ubuntu workshops enable people to honor their own ancestors and to connect with ancestral wisdom and guidance, through nature and the dream world. Ubuntu means humanity and John uses sacred ceremony, rituals with herbs, and Xhosa songs and trance rhythms to encourage a profound remembering; an honoring of the human spirit. He also offers one-to-one sessions, connecting with his ancestral spirit guides, as well as the spirits of the client, to 'see' what is happening with the client emotionally, physically and spiritually."

John's work has been known to help with the following:

Depression, mild & severe Insomnia Dreaming, Interpretation etc. Spiritual Growth Nervous & Anxiety Disorders, etc. Old family hurts, Ancestral blocks."

General Convention delegates will now be able to take full advantage of all the Ubuntu possibilities.


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