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A Gay Man's Reaction to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Sermon

A Gay Man's Reaction to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Sermon
It's not really about 'The Sermon'. It's much more significant

By Anonymous
Special to Virtueonline
May 23, 2018

A Billy Graham for the 21st Century!

Reading some of the reviews of Michael Curry's sermon you may think that we have discovered the new evangelist for our age. Such powerful rhetoric and personality entertains and is applauded. Certainly, a much more interesting style than all the media caricatures of Christianity in recent decades. If you read his sermon he knows where people are itching in their dissatisfaction with a broken world. However, rather than pointing people to Christ with His work on the Cross and an invitation to repent he offers instead a balm of 'Love'. It is not of course the true balm of Gilead found in forgiveness of sin, but the temporary, imitation cheap balm of self-love dressed up as love for the world.

Others have written more eruditely about the falsehoods propagated by this false teacher. What though is more significant is the apparent departure of many Christians in this country from the gospel. Either they did not understand it in the first place, and therefore are likely not to be Christians or the spirit of this world and the deceiver has blinded their eyes.

Archbishop Welby, in a memorable twitter image taken at a 'Thy Kingdom Come' celebration puts his arm around Curry in brotherly embrace. He calls in his tweet for the Holy Spirit to come. How might the Holy Spirit come without repentance and a turning away from false teachers? Do those who put themselves in the position of Christian leadership actually want the Holy Spirit to come since He will bring about repentance and turning away from false teaching and the spirit of this age? Curry came to help promote a false gospel-which is no gospel. Mission accomplished for him.

The balm offered in the sermon will wear off and people will be left seeking for peace. Ultimately, they will experience disillusionment with Christianity and close their minds to the claims of Christ. Such a strategy is a routine trick of the Deceiver. There is nothing special here except perhaps that in our day he has in his sights the leadership of the churches in our land. This is more significant. Those in Christian leadership are turning away from the Gospel and accepting heresy. The price they will pay on the Day of Judgement is not worth thinking about for its severity. The sheep can no longer trust their shepherds.

On a personal note, I was saved by Christ in the middle of struggles with a gay lifestyle. It was an understanding of sin and the price Christ paid on the Cross for my rebellion that led me to seek Him and repent. I now feel a profound sadness that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross is being swept to one side by those who call themselves Christians and 'shepherds'.

They publicly deny the Cross, replacing Christ's work with a false narcissistic 'love' and a false 'inclusion' to please the world and meet their own needs for approval and celebrity. God's people in Jeremiah's time had teachers who did the same thing 'They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. 'Peace, peace,' they say, when there is no peace. (Chapter 6 v 14). Time to wake up. Time to preach the Good News.

The writer of this piece is a former homosexual who requested anonymity for obvious reasons

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