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GAFCON Primate Says Anglican Communion is being Degraded and Confused by False Teaching

GAFCON Primate Says Anglican Communion is being Degraded and Confused by False Teaching
TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada have institutionalized the rejection of God’s Word in matters of sexuality, morality and human identity
Nigerian Archbishop Praises SC Bishop Mark Lawrence and ACNA as the future of Anglicanism in Nth. America

By David W. Virtue, DD
April 4, 2017

‘For I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope’ (Jeremiah 29:11).

The Anglican Communion is being degraded and confused by false teaching and the Communion’s traditional leadership responds by accommodating [to] it, says GAFCON chairman and Nigerian Primate, Nicholas Okoh.

Writing in his April letter to GAFCON followers, the Archbishop of the Anglican Communion’s largest province, said there is no hope in that direction, a reference to Archbishop Justin Welby, leader of the Anglican Communion.

“At the same time, we see a new future unfolding. This is the GAFCON vision and it is being demonstrated very clearly in North America.”

“Last month, under the inspired and courageous leadership of Bishop Mark Lawrence, the former TEC Diocese of South Carolina voted unanimously to affiliate with the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA). South Carolina will be its largest diocese and already has a global reach. Its annual ‘Mere Christianity’ conferences are highly regarded and its Anglican Leadership Institute is devoted to developing faithful leaders throughout the Communion. This is a very significant moment in the global realignment of the Communion. Here we see the power of the Word of the Lord: TEC recedes into history, while faithful Anglican witness grows,” said Okoh.

“Commitment to growth will be much in evidence at the ACNA’s Provincial Assembly as it meets in Chicago from 27th to 30th June this year. GAFCON leaders from around the world will join Archbishop Foley Beach as over 1,000 members come together around the theme of ‘Mission on our Doorstep’; a vision for local mission which is greatly strengthened by partnerships that span the continents. I encourage all who can to make the most of this opportunity to work together and be equipped for the vital task of gospel proclamation.

“The restoration we have seen in North America after the devastation unleashed when church leaders substitute their word for God’s Word should be a strong encouragement to faithful Anglicans on the other side of the Atlantic, as we see the Church of England and other Provinces moving at varying speeds in the same direction as TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada to institutionalize the rejection of God’s Word in matters of sexuality morality and human identity. As this season of Lent reminds us, we are called to walk the way of the cross, but sacrifice for the sake of the gospel will never be in vain.”

Okoh called for prayer for the upcoming GAFCON Primates’ Council meeting in Lagos, from 24th to 28th April. “We are called to shoulder heavy burdens and many of us are deeply involved with issues of famine relief, insecurity and governance in our nations as well as the need to contend for the truth of the gospel in the wider Communion. Pray for our fellowship together and that our deliberations may be guided by the Holy Spirit, to the praise and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and the extension of the Kingdom of God.”


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