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NIGERIA: Four Gay Priests Dismissed In Abia Anglican Church Barely 2 Weeks After 2 Priests Were Sacked For The Same Act

According to reports, Four more priests have been indicted and dismissed for the same act in another Diocese, in Isiala Ngwa, Abia State, and the names of the four priests are listed below.

1. Rev. Canon Emmanuel Nwankwo

2 .Revv. Kelechi Nwachukwu

3. Rev. Sunday Azubuike

4. Rev. Chris Achonye.

The Anglican Church also sacked two gay priests in Abia State


Many in those days believed the revolution would lead to a time of flourishing in Iranian society. The new regime made great promises about rights and economic progress, as Iran was finally free from the influence of the West. The laws of man would be replaced by the laws of God, they claimed. Under the Republic, conversion to any other religion was considered apostasy and could be punished with death.

Door Opens

The Tragedy of Gender Insanity

The tragic case, described in Wednesday's New England Journal of Medicine, points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports , entertainment and government . In medicine, there's a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors write.

Former lesbian explains why she left same-sex relationship after going back to church

Meeting God came as a complete surprise to her because she believed she was "really unlovable because of my sin".

"I wasn't looking for God at the time", said Sarah.

She says that at first, she tried to be a gay Christian, growing in her rediscovered faith while maintaining her same-sex relationship.

But as she studied the Bible further, she became convinced that God's design for relationships was between a man and woman.

The four senior figures embroiled in the safeguarding scandal at Lincoln Cathedral

He was responsible for the direction of operation management and administration at the cathedral.

A cathedral spokesperson said: "We confirm that the Chapter Clerk has temporarily stepped aside from his duties while the investigation relating to the Dean and Chancellor of Lincoln takes place.

"We can provide no further comment."

William Harrison is Chapter Clerk and Administrator of Lincoln Cathedral. Photo: Lincoln Cathedral

The Diocese of Lincoln has been rocked by allegations of abuse and high level 'cover ups' by senior clergy across decades.

Diocese of Niagara's Dean Peter Wall declares opposing abortion to be un-Christian

"As a Christian myself, it is a shameful embarrassment to see the word Christian attached to those who would support Alabama's outrageous law. What is Christian about being anti-abortion or maliciously 'pro-life'?"

Here is the tweet:

I am just as much at a loss to understand how being pro-life could be "malicious" as I am to reconcile dismembering babies in the womb with being a follower of the Giver of life. If anything is a "shameful embarrassment", it is the Dean's repulsive tweet.

PITTSBURGH: Announcing Appointment of Bishop David Hicks to St. Peter's Anglican Church, Butler

I realize that this is surprising news at a lot of levels: a bishop leaving a diocese to serve a parish, a Reformed Episcopal bishop coming to Pittsburgh, etc. The blogs are likely to have a field day! Some of you might have some concerns. Let me assure you that this is a gift. Early on in my time as bishop, I visited +David in his diocese, asking him (as the Chair of the Holy Orders Task Force) to help me understand the various perspectives on women's ordination that were present in the ACNA (especially the more Anglo-Catholic ones).

The LGBT Juggernaut: Time for Christians to Face Our Failure

Read the bill for yourself here.

"Public accommodation," "federal funding," "education," and "anti-discrimination protection" ... all nebulous words that regulators can expand to mean anything.

GAFCON Marches Relentlessly Forward even as Welby's World Withers

It happened again this week. Twelve parishes formerly in the province of Aotearoa, (New Zealand) fed up with their province's drift into the formal acceptance of homoerotic marriage, declared their independence. They announced they were installing their own bishop and would head out on their own to reclaim New Zealand for Christ.

They gathered and formed the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa/New Zealand, a new Anglican Diocese standing firmly in Anglican faith and practice, and structurally distinct from the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Archbishop Ian Ernest of Mauritius appointed Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome

The two co-lead one of the top schools on the Mauritian island of Rodrigues, the ecumenical Rodrigues College, which was formed in 1973 by the merger of St Louis Roman Catholic School and St Barnabas Anglican School. When Archbishop Ian's mandate as Archbishop and Primate of the Indian Ocean was renewed in 2012, he invited a Roman Catholic priest to preach the sermon.

"I feel deeply honoured and humbled by this appointment", Archbishop Ian said. "It is a calling from God which I accept with all humility. I will try my best to honour this calling and to honour the office.

A New Diocese & Bishop for the Church of Confessing Anglicans in New Zealand

This new Diocese is united in the crucified, risen, ascended and glorified Christ, committed to the authority of the Bible, and dedicated to our common mission of proclaiming to all the good news of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. We praise God for his guidance and grace, and the sense of unity and common purpose we shared as we met.

Bishop of Lincoln suspended by Archbishop of Canterbury

Most Rev Welby said he 'wanted to make it absolutely clear' there were no allegations of abuse against Bishop Lowson. He said: "Following information provided by the police, I have suspended the Bishop of Lincoln Christopher Lowson from office, having obtained the consent of the Bishops of Birmingham and Worcester (the two longest serving bishops in the Province of Canterbury).

Anglican Patrimony in Moscow

The organizer of the Moscow Ordinariate group was an Anglican for 10 years and is an OLW
Ordinariate member, with many others in the group being attracted to the Anglican Patrimony, having
over the years traveled to the UK and joining Ordinariate communities for worship.

Welby's head handed to him by Africans at ACC-17 * Heather Cook gets 'Get out of Jail' card * Durham Parish welcomes Islamic Worshippers * Welsh Anglicans Quash Same Sex Marriage but Reject WO as Litmus Test for Ordinands*9,000 Churches to close in Canada

I loathe the cliche "everyone has a story". Most of our stories are quite wicked and regrettable but we glorify them on the basis of our common humanity without assessing them in light of divine holiness and truth. Demas had his story. Do we soften to it? Judas had his story. Do we respect it? Michael Curry and Jon Meacham have their stories. Do we tolerate them? Repentance in humility and love before God is our lifetime's soul-work down here. But we all commit the crime of heresy by going our own way and brazenly disputing with God.

GAFCON AND ACC-17: A Response to Andrew Atherstone

Atherstone and Goddard, for instance, edited Good Disagreement? Grace and Truth in a Divided Church (2015), and wrote in the lead essay: "On some issues, 'good disagreement' will mean renewed efforts to hold together despite inevitable strains. On other issues, it may require discipline, differentiation, and even separation among professing..." (page 19). Dr. Atherstone's response to ACC-17, therefore, should give some indication of how he assesses the current state of the Anglican Communion.

She's out! Heather Cook leaves prison

The former bishop suffragan of Maryland first walked into Maryland's only women's prison on October 27, 2015. What landed her in prison stemmed from a drunken driving hit 'n run incident two days after Christmas 2014 which left a bicyclist -- husband and father of two dying -- on a Baltimore street. Thomas Palermo left behind a young son and daughter and his grieving widow.

Royal first as Queen appoints her first female as Dean of Chapels since the post was created in the Middle Ages

Mother-of-two Bishop Mullally is a self-described feminist, who ordains both men and women, and has been described as a 'theological liberal'. The role means she is the primary representative of the Church in the Royal Court.

But she recently said: 'I am very respectful of those who, for theological reasons, cannot accept my role as a priest or a bishop. My belief is that Church diversity throughout London should flourish and grow; everybody should be able to find a spiritual home.'

Malawi diocese responds to misconduct claims leveled against its bishop

The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire in Malawi wishes to provide correct information on the status of matters in the diocese against what the so called concerned parishioners have been informing the general public.

The Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire wishes to inform the general public that all that the so called concerned parishioners have been telling the general public is flawed and erroneous.

The Diocese therefore, wishes to highlight the following factors:

1. The Administrative structure of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire;

Keep Calm and Carry On-some thoughts from the GAFCON Primates meeting

One of the passages we looked at in our daily Bible studies was from Mark 4:35-41 when Jesus and his disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee in a violent storm. The storm threatened to destroy the boat and all on board. But Jesus somehow manages to remain "asleep on a cushion" until the disciples, in a panic, awakened him, and he immediately calmed the storm. It seemed a fitting picture of the storm of false teaching promoted by many leaders of Anglican churches today in the secularizing west--a storm which continues to spread and intensify.

Durham Church offers to cover crosses while hosting Muslim Iftar meal

The first set of minutes also recorded the group's decision to "cover Christian crosses/photographs in small rooms for ladies to say prayers," a lay source from Celebrating Communities, Darlington, told Rebel Priest.
The parish website advertises 'Meditation, Mindfulness, Relation' sessions based in Buddhism.

Practical Ecclesiology in a Time of Subverted Institutions

The Vatican II discontinuity led to the formation of traditionalist Catholic groups named after
different popes who took the papal name 'Pius'.

Provinces of the Anglican Communion have moved along a path of slowly widening
discontinuity with the past. At each stage, traditionalist Anglican groups have split off.

Ex-bishop Heather Cook released from prison after serving half of sentence for fatal drunken driving crash

Released a little after 10 a.m. Tuesday from the Maryland Correctional Institute for Women in Jessup, she will be on supervised parole and probation for five years.

Gerard Shields, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, said Cook is required to report within 24 hours to a Parole and Probation field office and will learn the conditions of her probation at that meeting.

"She will then be classified and assigned to an office location according to the home address she provides to us," he said.

Alpha Leadership Conference Blanks Out Abortion But Says It’s Saving Babies

The Alpha International Leadership Conference held from May 6-7 at the Royal Albert Hall has come under fire for refusing to engage with Britain’s abortion holocaust. Christian pro-life groups who staged a display outside the conference venue say they were shocked by the response of the conference delegates.

Richard Bewes -- with a Bible in his pocket and Jesus in his heart

The family moved then to Weithaga where -- along with his two brothers and sister -- he had 'the most tranquil upbringing a child could have' on the lower slopes of Mt Kenya.

He told the story of how he first experienced revival as a child to the sound of thousands of African voices singing, in his most recent and final book Under the Thorn Tree -- when Revival comes.

Pro-Aborts disrupt abortion survivor's testimony at London's March for Life

People were shedding tears as Melissa Ohden from the United States shared her testimony of how she survived a "failed" saline infusion abortion 41 years ago after being soaked in a toxic salt solution that was injected into her mother's amniotic fluid intending to slowly scald her to death.

"My medical records indicate that I soaked in that toxic solution for five days--two days longer than what was typical for the procedure," she told the shocked audience. "No mercy was shown to me over those five days. There was no mistake made that spared my life," she said.

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