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June 07 2018 By virtueonline Pope Francis falls behind the Episcopalians

The Episcopal Church recently resolved to eliminate all references to God's gender whenever possible. What is more, churchgoers at Washington's National Cathedral -- an Episcopal place of worship -- will no longer be defined by their biological gender. Thus men who claim to be more comfortable as women can attend women's Bible class, and I presume they can use the women's restroom.

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June 03 2018 By dvirtue Sorry, Bishop Curry, but love can't save the world

By contrast with Bishop Curry, the Apostle Paul never made that mistake. Paul made the effort to explain why Jesus Christ died for the human race, and the reason Paul gave for the Lord Jesus's death on the Cross was that we as human beings needed saving: saving from evil, the evil in ourselves and the evil in the world around us. Paul taught that we are great sinners in need of a great Saviour from the divine judgement to come. Michael Curry failed to explain that.

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June 02 2018 By dvirtue A distorted church; -- where 'trans' stands for transsexual not transformation -- and stagnation replaces salvation

By artificial, what I mean is that they are all to do with category and not with content. The categories are political ones that allow a language based on power to be used and developed. What is an 'ethnic minority'? It all depends on where you use the word. In England it becomes a euphemism for non-indigenous people. What would it mean in India? There an Englishman or woman would be part of the ethnic minority.

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May 31 2018 By dvirtue Sin and Error in the Church

The Bible's reality includes its description of the Church. As Acts 4 draws to its conclusion with a description of the wonderful generosity of Christian people to those in need, we may think that the presence of the Spirit has led to instant and complete holiness. Then comes the story of Ananias and Sapphira to bring us back to reality. Grievous sin exists in the Church itself. Sometimes those who sin are merely outward Christians; sometimes their faith is much more than that.

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May 31 2018 By dvirtue Reconstructive Surgery on the Prayer Book?

The strategic goal of the task force is to ensure that same-sex marriage is available to anyone who wants it, in any domestic diocese of the church, with or without the permission of a bishop. There are, of course, already authorized rites that can be used for such occasions. These were adopted in 2015, but the enabling resolution specified that their use is subject to the consent of the ordinary.

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May 28 2018 By dvirtue How can I make sure I go to heaven when I die?

She is not alone in her confidence that she is going to heaven. According to a Harris poll, it turns out that about two-thirds of the people in the US believe they are going to heaven. But is her confidence reasonable? Should she expect to go to heaven and will it be because she has lived a good life? Can a person show up at the gates of heaven and say, "I deserve to be here?" Jesus had some things to say about this.

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May 26 2018 By dvirtue Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preached "Bad News" at Royal Wedding says Anglican Bishop

That's bad news! Who can truly follow his example? None!!! No one can truly follow his example. They and we need to hear the message of his atoning sacrifice and his enabling grace that comes because of that then and only then can we try to follow his example.

All I see in his sermon is a wasted opportunity to lift high the Cross of Christ before royalty and celebrities who desperately needed the gospel.

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May 25 2018 By dvirtue On Gaza and Israel

One lesson I learned from this is to be wary of what the media tell us about Israel.

I wish Rich Mouw knew about some of this. Rich is the distinguished scholar and President Emeritus of Fuller Seminary. He is a friend and ally on many issues.

But I am afraid that his recent screed against Israel over the violence in Gaza was uninformed and, and as a result, unfair. While desiring to help defend Palestinians, he perpetuates a false narrative that only hurts Palestinians.

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May 23 2018 By dvirtue The Presiding Bishop's 15 minutes of fame

Michael Curry had a captive audience.

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May 23 2018 By dvirtue A Gay Man's Reaction to Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Sermon

Others have written more eruditely about the falsehoods propagated by this false teacher. What though is more significant is the apparent departure of many Christians in this country from the gospel. Either they did not understand it in the first place, and therefore are likely not to be Christians or the spirit of this world and the deceiver has blinded their eyes.

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