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Canon Neill on Original Sin: Two Women take on the canon for his views

Canon Neill on Original Sin

Irish Gazette
March 25, 2014

CANON STEPHEN NEILL quite understandably says that Article 9 (of Original Sin) should be open to discussion(Gazette,14thMarch) and that his article (7th March) was an expression of "faith seeking understanding".

It is a time-honoured principle of interpretation that, for Christians, discussion, faith and understanding will be shaped by a plain reading of Scripture. In his original article, Canon Neill suggests that we should celebrate Eve for her bravery rattler than condemn her for leading Adam astray.

However, would he also suggest that we celebrate the cunning of the devil who deceived Eve into taking the action she did (2 Corinthians 11) 3)? Canon Nell questions how what was fundamentally good in chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis can become so fundamentally flawed in chapter 3.

The answer, according to Scripture, is the devil in the form of the serpent (Genesis A 1-5). Nevertheless, the devil and his part in leading Eve and Adam astray from God is completely absent from Canon Neill's interpretation.

That's quite an omission! Discussion that leads to a greater understanding and a maturing of our Christian faith is a good thing, but the plain reading of Scripture is a fundamental principle that checks us from reaching interpretations that are contrary to Christian doctrine and belief.

Lynn Anderson (Mrs)
Alex Grey Tones (Mrs)
26 Ballyregan Road
Dundonald Belfast BT16 1HY

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