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ZAMBIA: 'Church bodies advocating homosexuality a worry'

ZAMBIA: 'Church bodies advocating homosexuality a worry'

December 16, 2013

GOVERNMENT says it is disappointed with some church bodies that are working with advocates of alien cultures such as homosexuality, which they are packaging under the veil of human rights.

Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba says that the purpose of supporting such a cause is to destroy the cultural fabric of the country.

"We are disappointed as government to see that some church bodies have chosen to form coalitions to destroy the cultural fabric of this country", Mr Kabimba said.

He was speaking at a building fundraising service at St Bartholomew Congregation Church in Lusaka's Marapodi yesterday.

Mr Kabimba said that the government will ensure that the constitution is written within the context of the country's cultural and social norms.

He said that the church is expected to play a major role in resolving the many contentious issues that may arise in the process of re-writing the country's constitution.

Mr Kabimba said that the debate on the constitution-making process gives the Church an opportunity to re-assert itself and prove that it remains steadfast.

He said that it is important to ask why some churches are receiving money to champion gay rights.

"Why are some churches forming alliances with people that are championing causes that threaten our cultural norms and our Christian values?" he asked.

The minister said that the Church should be a uniting factor and not be agents of division, adding that the church should be the centrifugal force that brings everyone around a consensus.

He said that it is critical that Government and the Church continue to cultivate a harmonious relationship by creating opportunities for dialogue at all times.

Mr Kabimba said that the Church is an important conduit for channeling information and development programmes from government to the people.

He said that the PF government will continue to work with the Church in its endeavour to provide social services and spiritual guidance.

Mr Kabimba contributed K3,000 to the church.

And speaking earlier, St Bartholomew Church Reverend Royd Sikaundi commended the PF government for the various developmental programmes it has embarked on.

Rev. Sikaundi said that the government needs to be given the support so that it continues to uplift the lives of people.


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