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September 27 2017 By dvirtue Church in Wales closing more than 10 churches a year

There are 11 redundant churches advertised on the church's website. The former St Mary's Church in Bangor, advertised at £150,000, is sold subect to contract. The former St Andrew's in Colwyn Bay is for sale at £325,000.

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September 26 2017 By dvirtue The Fall of the Scottish Episcopal Church

Heresy is a powerful word with a very specific meaning. The church has two kinds of teaching: dogmas and doctrines. The dogmas are simple statements written by the early church which set out and defend the truth of who Christ is. These are set out in the Apostles Creed, the more detailed Nicene Creed, and the Chalcedonian Definition: which states that Christ is fully God and fully man.

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September 23 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Church lost 11,833 Members in 2016. ASA also Dropped

The ASA figure for the 99 domestic dioceses is 570,453, a loss of 9,327 on a Sunday.

The domestic plate and pledge figures also dropped. In 2016, $1,312,430,692 was dropped into the collection plate, a drop of $1,288,475 over 2015.

The largest domestic dioceses with more than 50,000 baptized members are: Texas (75,794): Virginia (73,108); Massachusetts (57,117); New York (51,309); Los Angeles (50,323); Central Florida (50,183).

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September 22 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Church Still Skidding Downhill

Among dioceses facing the largest declines is Eastern Michigan, which dropped 14.7 percent from 5,888 down to 5,022 members (-866). The diocese also saw a 3.5 percent drop in Average Sunday Attendance (ASA), down to 1,922 attendees.

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September 21 2017 By dvirtue Ft. Worth Standing Committee Responds to ACNA Ordination of Women Statement

FIRST, we express our deepest gratitude to Bishop Iker who, in the 25th year of his episcopate, has steadfastly, resolutely, and without wavering, witnessed to the catholic Faith in all circumstances. We reaffirm our support of his apostolic ministry within our diocese, to the wider Anglican Communion, and before our Ecumenical partners in the Gospel.

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September 19 2017 By dvirtue Confederate Name Controversy Becomes Personal at Lee Memorial Episcopal Church

But it is his brief four-year-stint with the Confederate Army that has stained his name and tarnished his fame, not his 32 years as a decorated United States Army officer, nor his three years as the West Point superintendent, nor his five years as president of Washington College nor his deeply committed Christian faith as lived out as an active church-going Episcopalian, vestry member and senior warden.

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September 19 2017 By dvirtue FIF-NA Issues Statement on Recent ACNA Position not to embrace the Ordination of Women

The College understands that the January meeting in Melbourne, Florida will be the next opportunity for them to meet and prayerfully proceed. We acknowledge that the College of Bishops met, often in Silence, for the purpose of receiving the excellent Report of the Task Force on Holy Orders.

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September 13 2017 By dvirtue Anglican Church of Southern Africa plans to amend Canon on Marriage

A priest of the Anglican Church of South Africa commented: "This is a direct copy of the strategy employed within the Episcopal Church (USA), the Anglican Church of Canada and other revisionist Provinces in the Anglican Communion, whereby the doctrine of the church and the clear teaching of scripture have been questioned and undermined. Right from the beginning the premises and claims of gender ideology have been accepted without question.

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September 12 2017 By dvirtue CAIRO: Global South Primates' Communique, September 9, 2017

We shared together the challenges and blessings that we are experiencing in our provinces. We noticed common themes across our fellowship. For many of us, natural disasters and political unrest have created new waves of refugees, yet at the same time this instability is being accompanied by an extraordinary outpouring of God's Spirit.

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September 11 2017 By dvirtue Four Continuing Anglican Churches will Sign Full Communion Statement at Historic Atlanta Joint Synod

While all four Churches seek closer relations with other ecclesial bodies with Anglican backgrounds, they differ from most of them in a firm belief that innovations since the mid-1970s such as modernist liturgies and the purported ordination of women to Holy Orders constitute unacceptable developments that remove Anglicans from the central Tradition of the Undivided Church of the first millennium.

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