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January 08 2018 By dvirtue Cambodia Anglicans Chart a New Path

A Rapidly Changing City

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January 06 2018 By dvirtue Scottish Episcopal Church clergy rebel after 'divisive' appointment of bishop to conservative diocese

The general synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church met in Edinburgh in June and passed a resolution changing its teaching on marriage.

Dyer is now being urged to step down from her promotion with clergy protesting her appointment.

Two senior clergy have already quit over the issue and the letter threatens that 'others are considering similar action' in a diocese that is already struggling to fill a number of empty posts across its 41 churches.

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December 26 2017 By dvirtue Archbishop of Canterbury decries deceitfulness of populist leaders

He spoke as the Roman Catholic Church's most senior cleric used his own address to call on people to move away from "radical individualism" in society, which is demonstrated by conflict on social media.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols told the BBC: "In social media there's a barrage of views and once a statement or claim is made there's immediately a counterclaim, and the mode of exchange is conflict."

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December 21 2017 By dvirtue Welby 'should resign' over Bishop George Bell abuse claims

Barbara Whitley, 93, said she wanted the reputation of her uncle restored.

She told the BBC that she wanted Justin Welby to stand down, and a face-to-face apology from the Church of England.

"I'm determined to clear his name before I die," she said.

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December 19 2017 By dvirtue Created Male and Female

We acknowledge and affirm that all human beings are created by God and thereby have an inherent dignity. We also believe that God created each person male or female; therefore, sexual difference is not an accident or a flaw--it is a gift from God that helps draw us closer to each other and to God. What God has created is good. "God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them" (Gen 1:27).

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December 18 2017 By dvirtue Former NHS chief nurse is named as the first female Bishop of London making her the most senior woman in the Church of England

The 55-year-old, who was made a Dame in 2005 in recognition of her outstanding contribution to nursing and midwifery, said it was a 'great honour'.

Before becoming Bishop of Crediton, she was chief nursing officer at the Department of Health and a parish priest.

The Rt Rev Mullally's appointment also allows her to take up a role in the House of Lords as part of the Lords Spiritual.

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December 15 2017 By dvirtue OXFORD: EFAC Reorganizes and Renews Its Mission

In the light of these contemporary challenges, the trustees resolved that EFAC continue to live up to its name. It is Evangelical, serving Jesus Christ by acknowledging and living under the supreme authority of Scripture. It is a Fellowship working together for the Gospel across divides with all who share our Biblical commitment.

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December 12 2017 By dvirtue A Statement from the Global South Primates Regarding the Anglican Church in North America

"If his consecration proceeds, we recognise that we have reached a crucial and critical point in the life of the Anglican Communion and we have had to conclude that the future of the Communion itself will be put in jeopardy. In this case, the ministry of this one bishop will not be recognised by most of the Anglican world,and many provinces are likely to consider themselves to be out of Communion with the Episcopal Church (USA).

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December 10 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Church Banner Perfectly Captures How Progressive Christians Feel Right Now

The Rev. Alex Dyer, the priest in charge of the 126-year-old parish, is the one who designed the banner campaign. He told HuffPost that his congregation saw the signs as an "opportunity to give voice to a side of Christianity that many people may not associate with Christianity."

"There are many people who think Christians are close-minded, judgmental, and oppose science," he said. "This is not the people in the congregation or many congregations around the country."

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December 07 2017 By dvirtue Anglican Congregation Asserts First Amendment Rights, Effects Change in City Policy

Two years ago, church member Pat Broderick first had the idea to hold a gathering at a city park but was subsequently denied access by the park manager because the church wanted to play contemporary Christian music.

"It was just our way of giving back to the community and letting them know we were down the street if anybody wanted any help or anything like that," said Broderick.

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