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Why Do They Hate Us So Much?

Why Do They Hate Us So Much?


By Jules Gomes
May 28, 2017

Why do they hate us so much? 'To me, it's almost impossible to imagine the kind of hatred that has to exist in someone if they would bomb children.' A one-line requiem from Brian May, guitarist for the rock band Queen, sums up the question that plagues our collective consciousness as the paralysis of analysis descends like an impenetrable fog upon the mainstream media, politicians and celebrity voices, who ask the question to which they have no answer.

Why blow up an eight-year-old girl with a shrapnel-studded bomb? Why target a concert with an Improvised Explosive Device, with its audience of giggly girls from eight to eighteen, in rapturous adulation of their pin-up, idol, and goddess Ariana Grande?

An ISIS statement released 24 hours after the attack pointed to historical and theological motives for the massacre. 'With Allah's grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the Crusaders in the British city of Manchester. ...The explosive devices were detonated in the shameless concert arena. What comes next will be more severe on the worshipers of the Cross and their allies,' it read.

Did the terrorist imagine that these bubble-gum popping girls were covert Crusaders receiving subliminal messages from Ariana Grande's music, inspiring them to don sword and armour and re-conquer Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque for Christendom? Did the jihadi-bomber visualize these social media saturated tweens and teens as 'worshippers of the Cross' who would rise and sing Onward, Christian Soldiers or Stand up, Stand up, for Jesus at the end of Ariana's entrancing performance? Do they hate us so much because we are the "Christian" West?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's answer to the question is a leftist, secular version of the Crusader hypothesis. They hate us because of our foreign policy and because of the 'war on terror.' Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham, who lost his Catholic faith because of the Church's obsession with sexuality, buys into the Islamic narrative of the 'white, Christian West' and exonerates devout Muslim bomber Salman Abedi by claiming that he 'no more represents the Muslim community than the individual who murdered my friend Jo Cox represents the white, Christian community.' It has nothing to do with religion; it has nothing to do with Islam. So why do they hate us so much that they bombed a 'shameless concert arena,' Andy?

They hate us because we are shameless. They despise us because we are decadent. Sure, the Manchester arena was a soft target. However, if you were a suicide bomber, you would be prepared to choose a hard target. Of course, if you were a devout Muslim seething with contempt at a sex-sodden society you would intentionally target a gay bar in Orlando and kill 50 people you considered debauched and degenerate. Ironically, there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy here. Omar Mateen who gunned down his victims at the gay nightclub in Orlando was a closet homosexual. The appalling treatment of young girls and women in Islamic countries and Muslim-dominated English towns like Rotherham are more examples of moral schizophrenia. In the case of the latter, it does not matter too much. After all, they are white kuffar.

I put it to my Sunday School Superintendent Rosalind Taisia. She is a product of two cultures--the Isle of Man and the Solomon Islands. She is blessed with seven children and sixteen grandchildren. She is one of our finest Sunday School teachers. Week after week, Ros and I conspire to offer our children the best of biblical teaching with the best of Western culture. Three years ago, she took the Sunday School through a series of nine paintings by Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Daniel Bonnell, and other great artists--all inspired by biblical themes. 'Would you take your children, grandchildren or Sunday School children to an Ariana Grande concert?' I asked her.

She snapped open her laptop, hammered the plastic keys and buried herself in the world of teen-goddess Ariana Grande. Then she came back ashen-faced with her report. 'How could any parent take an eight-year-old girl to watch and listen to such obscenity?' she asked. 'The opening page of Ariana's official website is soft porn. In one of the most sexually explicit videos, she lies back on the bonnet of a car, and a young man is intimately examining every curve and crevice of her body in the most provocative manner imaginable. Other videos have similar suggestive and sexualised scenes. There is a lesbian scene in a launderette,' she elaborated.

I checked out the lyrics of her songs. They match the semi-pornographic vignettes on her videos. 'Boy, you make me make bad decisions. Don't you know I ain't f*****g with them good boys? Know you love me like ain't nobody here, boy. If you want it, boy, you got it. Ain't you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?' Ariana sings in Bad Decisions.

There is racist content. In Let me love you, singer Dwayne Carter stimulates Ariana with the lyrics: 'I say, "Girl, you need a hot boy." She say, "You need to stop f*****g with them thots, boy." I say, "You need a real nigga?" She said, "Yes", Lord.' Dwayne is black so the racism is acceptable!

In Moonlight, the man she is singing about 'Makes me want to give him my body.' Into you calls for 'A little less conversation and a little more "touch my body" Cause I'm so into you, into you, into you, oh yeah.'

The terrorist's bomb exploded during Dangerous Woman. The song begins with the lines: Don't need permission/Made my decision to test my limits/'Cause it's my business, God as my witness/Start what I finished/Don't need no hold up/Taking control of this kind of moment/I'm locked and loaded/Completely focused, my mind is open. It goes on with these profound and noble Victorian words: "All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God/ Don't ya stop, boy" ... "somethin' 'bout you makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't" ... "All girls wanna be like that, bad girls underneath, like that." Pardon my sarcasm.

The Pew Research Centre report The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other makes for sobering reading. Fifty seven percent of British Muslims view Westerners as 'immoral.' Why do they hate us so much? They hate us because we are shameless. They despise us because we are decadent. Obviously, we may never fully answer this question because it is a question we are asking of another culture and another worldview. But there is another question more relevant to us. Why would any parent want their pre-adolescent and adolescent daughter to revel in the obscenity of a semi-porn star?

The Rev'd Dr Jules Gomes is pastor of St Augustine's Church, Douglas, on the Isle of Man.

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