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October 06 2017 By dvirtue Four Continuing Anglican Bodies Establish Full Communion (Communio in sacris)

The ordination of women priests in the United States in 1976 was the lightening rod issue that led to the founding of the Continuing Anglican Movement in 1977. Its Affirmation of St. Louis declared the ordination of women (by the Episcopal Church in the USA and the Anglican Church of Canada) to be a matter of schism and to have caused a break with apostolic succession.

In their statement this week they declared:

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October 05 2017 By dvirtue Archbishop Welby claims he was "taken aback" by Las Vegas prayer criticism

Welby went on to say; "Michael Curry, who is a citizen of the United States, was asked by us -- after we had talked with anguish about the events in Las Vegas -- we said: 'Could you lead a prayer as we begin our prayers together at Evensong?'"

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October 04 2017 By dvirtue CANTERBURY: GAFCON Primates weigh walking out of Anglican Summit

Recounting the long history of same sex violations in both the US Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, Gross said reconciliation was little more than compromise and that was unacceptable to the GAFCON primates.

Failure to repent meant that they "could not share in fellowship together," he said. He likened it to walking through a minefield.

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September 30 2017 By dvirtue Four markers reveal why the collapse of the Episcopal Church is inevitable

There are four distinct demographic markers and they include: Aging parishioners and clergy, smaller parishes and no new clergy to fill pulpits; lower baptisms and confirmations; higher death rates and lower Average Sunday Attendance.


The average age of an Episcopalian in 2011 was 57 years old. In 2017, it is closer to 64. What this means is that roughly three-fifths of the Church's membership will be dead in the next twelve to sixteen years.

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September 25 2017 By dvirtue Episcopal Bishops Expand Carbon Footprint in Alaska

This trip to Alaska was billed as a focus on indigenous culture as well as environmental justice.

There is profound irony about the choice of location.

Recent statistics reveal the Alaska diocese had dropped by a whopping 18.8% - the only domestic diocese that had an ASA double-digit percentage loss!

The reason for the attendance decline coincides with new ACNA parishes in Fairbanks and Anchorage!

One wonders if Presiding Bishop Michael Curry was aware of that.

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September 20 2017 By dvirtue The Jesus Movement, Michael Curry, Racism, Guilt and White Privilege

Now a Black Presiding Bishop rode into town announcing that the Episcopal Church would henceforth move in a different direction with the Jesus Movement, causing bewilderment amongst his theologically liberal bishops, who were now being told they had to evangelize (yep that's the word), so people would hear the Good News with revivals he planned to hold around the country.

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September 19 2017 By dvirtue Two Episcopal Dioceses to Share One Bishop

With the consent of both Standing Committees, Bishops Franklin and Rowe discussed with clergy a plan for the two dioceses to consider the possibility of a shared future. (This is code for juncturing).

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September 10 2017 By dvirtue ACNA College of Bishops Issue Solomonic Decision on Women's Ordination

The College of Bishops unanimously agreed that women will never be consecrated as bishops in the Anglican Church in North America.

ACNA does allow women to be ordained to the Diaconate.

This decision flies in the face of a recent decision by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who oversaw the first women consecrated as bishops in the Church of England. Two weeks ago, the Anglican Church of Australia consecrated its first woman archbishop.

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September 09 2017 By dvirtue Newly-released Episcopal Church bar graphs reveal continued membership loss in 2016

Another 68 dioceses showed a discernible drop in membership including: Alaska, Albany, Arizona, Arkansas, Bethlehem, California, Central Florida, Central Gulf Coast, Central New York, Central Pennsylvania, Chicago, Colorado, Connecticut, Dallas, East Tennessee, Eastern Michigan, Eastern Oregon, Easton, El Camino Real, Florida, Georgia, Indianapolis, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Lexington, Los Angeles, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Milwaukee, and Minnesota, Mississippi, Misso

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September 07 2017 By dvirtue Ugandan Archbishop Blasts Welby's Summit. He will not attend Primates' Meeting

"Every attempt to repair the torn fabric and heal the betrayal has made the situation worse. Collective decisions made by the Primates sitting together have not been implemented by two different Archbishops of Canterbury or his staff. The Anglican Consultative Council has flagrantly disregarded the wisdom of the Primates.

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