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UK: Synod: Record of voting published online

UK: Synod: Record of voting published online

Nov. 30, 2012

A LIST showing how each member of the General Synod voted on the final approval of the draft women-bishops Measure was published on Monday by Church House.

Most attention will be paid to the votes in the House of Laity, where the Measure was lost. Here, there were 132 votes in favour, 74 against, with no abstentions. The Measure thus fell by six votes.

Thirty-three of the 74 members of the House of Laity who voted against the Measure were women. About 25 of the laity who voted against were elected - or, in a few cases, re-elected after a gap - to the Synod in 2010, when elections produced more traditionalists and conservative Evangelicals (News, 22 October 2010).

A sizeable number of no-voters among the laity were recognisable as members of the Catholic Group, or Reform, the conservative Evangelical group. But floating voters proved decisive. The director of Forward in Faith, Stephen Parkinson, said that Anglo-Catholics and conservative Evangelicals alone "could not have defeated it [the Measure]. It was defeated by a group of people who were prepared to listen to those saying that provision was not strong enough."

A letter from eight members of the House of Laity who voted against the Measure was published in The Times, yesterday. The signatories were: Tom Sutcliffe (Southwark); Mary Judkins (Wakefield); Dr Phillip Rice (London); John Davies (Winchester); Anne Bloor (Leicester); Priscilla Hungerford (Winchester); Keith Malcouronne (Guildford); and Christopher Corbet (Lichfield).

The letter said that 12 of the members of the House of Laity who voted against the Measure "did so in spite of most of us unreservedly supporting the consecration of women".

The letter continued: "Most of us who make up the dozen, whose votes against the Measure did not reflect any serious opposition to women bishops, had taken the trouble to state clearly in our election addresses in 2010 that we would vote against the Measure if it did not in our judgement make ample provision of oversight in the way that the minorities needed, or honour promises made to the same minorities only 20 years ago.

"Many of us 12 were prepared to vote for the Measure as it stood in July with a clause referring to 'theological convictions' of those requiring alternative oversight, had the Bishops not lost their nerve and decided under pressure from 'senior women' to reconsider their proposed 'helpful' clause."

The letter suggested that "a new briefer Measure" be brought before the Synod, which "could incorporate the 1993 Act of Synod".

Opposition to the Measure was particularly pronounced among the laity in certain dioceses. Six out of Chichester diocese's eight lay representatives voted against, as did six out of seven of Winchester diocese's lay members. Among Blackburn diocese's lay repres­entatives, four out of six voted against; among Chelmsford's, four out of seven; among Guildford's, three out of four; and among Oxford's, four out of seven.

In London diocese - the only diocese, apart from Chichester, to vote against the draft Measure at its diocesan synod - six out of ten voted against. There were unani­mous votes in favour of the Measure among lay representatives from Bradford, Ely, Hereford, Norwich, Portsmouth, St Albans, and St Edmundsbury & Ipswich.

The Measure passed comfortably in the House of Bishops, where it was carried by 44 to three, and in the House of Clergy, where it was carried by 148 to 45.

The three bishops to vote against the Measure were the Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner; the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, Dr Geoffrey Rowell; and the Bishop of Burnley, the Rt Revd John Goddard.

There were two abstentions in the House of Bishops: the Bishop of Chester, Dr Peter Forster, who wrote earlier this month that he was "uncon­vinced" by the draft Measure (Comment, 9 November); and the Bishop of Exeter, the Rt Revd Michael Langrish.


General Synod of the Church of England, November Group of Sessions 2012 20 November 2012 Electronic voting results for Item 501: 'That the Measure entitled "Bishops and Priests (Consecration and Ordination of Women) Measure" be finally approved.'

44 Bishops in favour


Donald Allister, 31;

Nicholas Baines , 9;

James Bell , 53;

Peter Broadbent, 49;

Paul Butler, 41;

Christopher Chessun, 40;

Christopher Cocksworth, 15;

Stephen Conway, 17;

Stephen Cottrell , 12;

Steven Croft, 38;

Timothy Dakin, 5;

Colin Fletcher , 46;

Christopher Foster, 32;

Richard Frith, 52;

Jonathan Gledhill, 24;

Christopher Hill,21;

Michael Hill, 10;

Nicholas Holtam, 37;

John Inge, 44;

Graham James, 29;

James Jones, 26;

James Langstaff, 34;

Christopher Lowson, 25;

Nigel McCulloch, 27;

James Newcome, 11;

John Packer, 33;
Robert Paterson, 39;
Michael Perham, 20;
Stephen Platten, 43;
Peter Price, 6;
Anthony Priddis, 22;
John Pritchard, 30;
Alastair Redfern, 16;
David Rossdale, 48;
John Sentamu, 2;
Alan Smith, 35;
Tim Stevens, 23
Nigel Stock, 36;
Timothy Thornton, 42;
David Urquhart , 7;
Justin Welby, 4;
Martin Wharton, 28;
Rowan Williams, 1;
and Trevor Willmott, 45.

3 Bishops against NAME & SYNOD NUMBER
John Goddard, 51;
Geoffrey Rowell 18; and
Martin Warner, 14.

2 Bishops abstenting NAME & SYNOD NUMBER

Peter Forster, 13; and
Michael Langrish, 19.

48 Clergy in favour


Timothy Barker, 142;
Alan Bashforth, 223;
Sally Baylis, 220;
Matthew Baynes, 235;
Simon Bessant, 208;
Steven Betts, 169;
Philippa Boardman, 150;
Michael Booker, 113;
Susan Booys, 175;
Mark Boyling, 57;
Peter Bradley, 58;
David Brindley, 55;
David Brooke, 108;
Timothy Bull, 85;
Sarah Bullock, 161;
Roger Bush, 224;
Simon Butler, 212;
Simon Cawdell, 130;
Mark Chapman, 176;
Jane Charman, 203;
Brian Chave, 131;
Jonathan Clark, 189
Stephen Coles, 151;
Annette Cooper, 86;
Robert Cotton, 125
Alison Cox, 91;
William Croft, 183;
Stuart Currie, 236;
Alastair Cutting, 96;
Nigek Davies, 81;
Douglas Dettmer, 117;
Christopher Dobson, 74;
Duncan Dormor, 451;
Andrew Dotchin , 201
Philip Down , 77;
Roger Driver, 146
Clare Edwards, 78;
Ferial Etherington, 82;
Viviene Faull, 54;
David Felix, 92;
Paul Ferguson, 238;
Kathryn Fitzsimons, 190;
Deborah Flach, 115;
Jeremy Fletcher, 239;
Amanda Ford, 134;
Stephen France, 98;
Richard Franklin, 204
Perran Gay, 225;
Jonathan Gibbs, 93;
Meg Gilley, 110;
Giles Goddard, 213;
Andrew Godsall, 118;
Martin Gorick, 102;
Catherine Grylls, 64;
Nigel Hand, 65;
Christine Hardman, 214;
Michael Harley, 230;
Rosie Harper, 180;
Patricia Hawkins, 137;
Clare Herbert, 152;
Richard Hibbert, 195;
Peter Hill, 221;
Maureen Hobbs, 138;
Anne Hollinghurst, 197;
George Howe, 83;
Rosemary Howorth, 446;
Emma Ineson, 75;
Mark Ireland, 139;
Riacrd Jackson, 99;
Ian Jagger, 111;
Alan Jeans, 205;
Joyce Jones, 228;
Sharon Jones, 162;
Janet Kearton, 118;
John Kiddle, 196;
Gavin Kirk, 143;
Paul Law-Jones, 69;
Clive Leach, 185;
Hugh Lee, 181;
Christopher Lilley, 144
Nigel Lloyd, 206;
Stephen Lynas, 61;
Rosemarie Mallett, 216;
Judith Maltby, 450;
Hugh McCurdy, 114;
Jan McFarlane, 170;
Eva McIntyre, 237;
Maggie McLean, 229;
Barbara Messham, 127;
Sandra Millar, 121;
Jane Morris, 156;
Alan Moses, 157;
Rosalyn Murphy, 468;
Andrew Nunn, 217;
Gordon Oliver, 193;
Hayward Osborne, 66;
Michael Parsons, 122;
Neil Patterson, 132;
Susan Penfold, 70;
Ray Pentland, 442;
John Perumbalath, 194;
Andy Piggott, 62;
Mark Pilgrim, 76;
John Plant, 133;
Charles Read, 171;
Tony Redman, 202;
Patrick Richmond, 172;
Sue Rose, 63;
Rosalind Rutherford, 232;
Andrew Salmon, 164;
Martin Saxby, 103;
Christian Selvaratnam, 241;
Suzanne Sheriff, 242;
Christopher Sims, 141;
John Sinclair, 167;
Jonathan Smith, 198; Peter Spiers, 147;
Joanna Spreadbury, 199;

View entire message here: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&ik=df3552d90a&view=lg&msg=13b57bb851d4107b

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