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October 15 2016 By dvirtue N. T. Wright: The Church Continues the Revolution Jesus Started

Most Western Christians have been taught that Jesus died so that they could escape the results of sin and go to heaven after they die. The New Testament, however, regularly speaks of Jesus' death as the defeat of the powers of evil that have kept the world in captivity, with the implication that the world is actually going to change as a result--through the life and work and witness of those who believe this good news. Think of Revelation 5:9--10.

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October 11 2016 By dvirtue Does God Change?

The Teaching of the Fathers

Anglicans have classically looked to the early church for our basic standards of belief. The reforms of the 16th century that produced the Book of Common Prayer and the Church of England, were an effort to go back to the sources, to Scripture, but also to the Christianity of the first few centuries. Lancelot Andrewes, the great Anglican divine of the 17th century, put it this way:

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October 10 2016 By dvirtue WALES: The Archbishop and the Bible - A Response to Archbishop Barry Morgan's Presidential Address

'The Bible is not one book but a series of books and within those books, written by a variety of authors, are a number of different perspectives but also shifts in perspective about particular topics. Biblical texts are not God's words, dictated by Him to human authors, but are the inspired response to revelation. The response is a human response however and cannot be regarded as being identical with that revelation especially since parts of the Bible are at variance with other parts.'

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October 07 2016 By dvirtue CAIRO: An African Anglican is an Anglican, Twice

Delegates at the sixth Anglican Global South conference in Cairo heard new research from the foremost scholar of the formational Anglican, Thomas Cranmer, the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dr. Ashley Null is an elected fellow of the Royal Historical Society and is currently compiling a five-volume study of Cranmer's private theological notebooks.

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October 06 2016 By dvirtue CAIRO: The Challenge of Mission to the World

In Jesus, the kingdom of God that was longed for (as a future age in human history when God rules a universe not spoiled by sin, darkness, decay or death) has been inaugurated and is awaiting completion.

The risen Christ is extending the kingdom of God in the world through His Church. (Acts 1: 1-8)

In that sense, mission to the world is broader than 'world evangelisation'. The book of Acts shows us what is involved.

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October 05 2016 By dvirtue The Legacy of Ancient African Christianity

These arguments await explicit unpacking, but sifting the evidence remains the task of a generation of future scholars, many of them from Africa, to restudy the flow of ideas from Africa to Europe, and better describe their impact.

Oden writes, "I am convinced, however, that when the evidence is rightly digested, it will again reshape modern African Christian identity and motivation."

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October 03 2016 By dvirtue Does This Study Prove the Bible Could Be Accurate?

It's easy to see why memory was so important to ancient peoples and that custodians of a community's knowledge (religious leaders, elders, etc) would have elevated social status as a result. The question is, how did people do this? Are we just out of practice? How is it that ancient memories were so much better than our own?

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October 02 2016 By dvirtue Diversity and inclusion have trumped the truth

Here is what happened. Prof Swinburne was invited to give the keynote address on September 23, 2016, at the SCP conference. He said homosexuality was a 'disability' and Christianity 'prohibited' homosexual relationships. Swinburne lamented a culture where homosexual behaviour was 'presented as an option for young people.' Suddenly the world ended. The four horsemen of the apocalypse came thundering into the conference hall. The faecal matter collided with the rotary oscillator.

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September 29 2016 By dvirtue Radicalism: When Reform Becomes Revolution

Second, the feisty theologian launched a devastating assault on the Anabaptist and Puritan strains of the Reformation, and made a powerful argument for tradition and sobriety in an age of radicalism and turmoil.

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September 26 2016 By dvirtue Trump offers Fascist Salvation, says Anglo-Catholic Psychologist

Regarding foreign policy, he demonstrates breathtaking, unapologetic ignorance and naivete. Recall that on national television he told an astonished George Stephanopoulos that Putin was not in Ukraine. In an interview he told foreign policy reporters that he would unite the Turks and the Kurds by hosting "meetings." He seems bent on alienating key allies.

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