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July 26 2017 By dvirtue 1400-Year-Old Church Discovered on UK Holy Island, Where Conversions of Pagans to Christianity Began

"It is incredible to think that we have uncovered two very significant buildings associated with the early Christian foundation of the priory that provide tangible links to both St. Aidan and St. Cuthbert," she added, referring to the early Christian monks.

The church in question is believed to have been built in the same time period as a monastery in 635 A.D. The small rectangular building, where the church once stood, was apparently built just a few feet from a cliff edge.

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July 04 2017 By dvirtue Reformational Anglicanism: Laying It All Out

Edward Norman in his disturbing but accurate summary of contemporary "Anglicanism" and its plight (Anglican Difficulties: A New Syllabus of Errors, Morehouse, 2004) defines our problem as lack of authority. His is a devastating, and daily fulfilled, critique of a lumbering and collapsing, once credible, ecclesiastical entity. The book merits close and prayerful scrutiny. It is honest and irrefutable in its assessment of ailing "Anglicanism".

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June 07 2017 By dvirtue REFORMATION ANGLICANISM: Our Exotic Ancestry (3)

The Israel of God, under the new covenant, is enabled to identify its genuine prophets and a consensus develops as to those who are worthy of most attention. No human spokesman is perfect or exhaustive in the knowledge of divine revelation. Each has their limitations and blind spots. None grasp comprehension of the Word through their own effort or acumen. What they perceive, they by grace receive. By divine ordination some are groomed by God to the stature of eminently reliable witnesses.

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June 04 2017 By dvirtue Exploring "Male-Female" in the Bible and Society

Neither is this discussion one that Feminists will appreciate. Their assertions and rhetoric represent a gender narrative that is so skewed as to be unrealistic and useless. Feminists cite patriarchy as a cause of oppression of women, and fail to recognize the ways in the patriarchal structure benefits and protects women. Consider how Boaz, a ruler of Bethlehem, offered protection to Ruth.

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May 30 2017 By dvirtue REFORMATIONAL ANGLICANISM: Our Exotic Ancestry (2)

In spite of centuries of rivalry and rancor between the French and the English something of the exotic French religious influence has been transfused into the bloodstream of the Anglican body and contributed to its constitution.

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May 24 2017 By dvirtue REFORMATIONAL ANGLICANISM: Our Exotic Ancestry

That the Reformation was a Continental phenomenon made it inevitable that religious change in the British Isles would be stirred, supported, and sustained by new tendencies emerging from within the Church of Rome and consequently rippling through Catholicism in England (and Scotland) until the tide of transformation became a surge.

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May 24 2017 By dvirtue "As It Had Been the Face of an Angel" -- A Commission for God's Messengers

We are not gathered here together by accident. Before us are over three hundred new graduates of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, arrayed in all their commencement glory. Beside them sits one of the most remarkable assemblies of scholar-teachers ever to serve Christ's church. Filling out this congregation are those who come to celebrate and witness this great moment.

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May 14 2017 By dvirtue 10 Profound Quotes from 'The Cross of Christ' by John Stott

The prolific Anglican pastor authored more than fifty books from the 1950s through 2010, spoke extensively around the world, and served as the "chief architect of the Lausanne Covenant." Crossing paths with larger-than-life figures ranging from Elizabeth II (as the Queen's Chaplain) to evangelist Billy Graham to minister Martyn Lloyd-Jones, he worked alongside some of the most important figures of his day.

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May 09 2017 By dvirtue FOR OUR REDEMPTION: The Scope of the Atonement

"It is impossible to honor God as we ought, unless we know him as he is" (Stephen Charnock). We know God from the Bible. It is imperative that our doctrine and devotion should be biblical.

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May 01 2017 By dvirtue REFORMATION FOR RIGHT NOW

Yet clearly, when it comes to our understanding of salvation, those five points are extremely important. Let's think here about Sola Scriptura and the way the Reformation recovered the Bible for the church.

Holy enthusiasm for Scripture

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