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Published Academic Writings of Peter Toon, 1964-2009:

Published Academic Writings of Peter Toon, 1964-2009:
(This List does not include hundreds of articles and essaysplaced on the internet between the late 1990s and 2009.)

His first piece appeared in The Baptist Quarterly (a publication of the Baptist Union of Great Britain) on the topic of “The Strict and Particular Baptists” in 1963 when he was studying for the B.D. at King’s College, University of London. (The Strict refers to admittance to Communion and the Particular refers to the extent of the Atonement.)
His first book continued the theme of “Calvinism” and appeared in 1967 as “The Emergence of Hyper-Calvinism in English Nonconformity, 1689-1765.” It has a Preface by Dr. J. I. Packer and it was the cause of various invitations to the author to lecture in the U.S.A.
Then, in general categories:

On English Puritanism

The Emergence of Hyper-Calvinism (1967)
The Correspondence of John Owen (1970)
Puritans the Millennium (1970)
Puritans and Calvinism (1971)
God’s Statesman (1972)
The University Orations of Dr John Owen (1973)

Semi-Popular Doctrinal Writings
El Dios Siempre Presente
The Right of Private Judgment (1975)
Jesus Christ is Lord (1978)
Free to Obey (1979)
God here and Now (1979) also Spanish,
God’s Church for Today (1980)
God’s Kingdom for Today (1980)
God’s Salvation for Today (1980).
Protestant and Catholic (1983)
What’s the Difference? (1983)
What We Believe (1984)
Your Conscience as Your Guide (1984)
General Godliness and True Piety (2000)

Serious Doctrinal Writing
Justification and Sanctification (1983)
The Ascension of our Lord (1984)
Heaven and Hell (1986)
The End of Liberal Theology (1995)
Yesterday, Today and Forever (1996)
Our Triune God (1996 & 2002)

On Spirituality
About Turn: the Decisional Event of Conversion (1987)
Born Again (1987)
What is Spirituality? (1989)
Spiritual Companions (100) – also in Korean (1990)

From Mind to Heart (1987)
Longing for Heaven (1987)
Meditating as a Christian (1991)
The Art of Meditating on Scripture (1993)
Meditating Upon God’s Word (1998)

On Anglican Theology and Liturgy
The Ordinal and its Revision (1974)
The Development of Doctrine in the Church (1979)
Evangelical Theology 1833-1856 (1979)
The Anglican Way, Evangelical and Catholic (1983)
Britain’s True Greatness (1984)
Let Women be Women (1990)
Knowing God through the Liturgy (1992)
Proclaiming the Gospel through the Liturgy (1993)
Which Rite is Right? (1994)
Common Worship Considered (2003)
Reforming Forwards? (2003)
The Order for Evening Prayer (1662) Annotated (2004)
The Order for Holy Communion (1662) Annotated (2004)
The Order for Holy Communion (1928) Annotated (2004)
Same-Sex Affection, Holiness and Ordination (2005)
Worship Without Dumbing Down (2005)
The Anglican Formularies and Holy Scripture (2006)
Anglican Identity (2006)
Episcopal Innovations 1960-2004 in ECUSA (2006)
Mystical Washing and Spiritual Regeneration (2007)
On Salvation and the Church of Rome – Richard Hooker (2007)

Writings in cooperation with Lou Tarsitano, edited by Toon
The Way, The Truth and the Life: The Anglican Walk (1998)
Dear Primates (2000)
Neither Archaic nor Obsolete (2003)
Neither Orthodoxy nor a Formulary (2004)

Essays with others in Books edited by Toon wholly or partly
Puritans, the Millennium and the Future of Israel (1970)
John Charles Ryle, Evangelical Bishop (1976)
One God in Trinity (1980)
Real Questions (with David Field 1982)
Let God be God (1990)
A Guidebook to the Spiritual Life (1998)

Individual Essays in Books edited by others
“Anglicanism in Popish Dress,” in Tradition Renewed (1986)
“Appreciating Mary Today” in Chosen by God, Mary (1989)
“The Articles and Homilies” in The Study of Anglicanism (1998)
Chaps 2 & 3 in To Mend the Net (2001)
“Episcopalianism” in Who Runs The Church? (2004)
Justification by Faith Alone, in Justification and Sanctification (Canada 2008)

Dictionaries as an Editor
The Compact Bible Dictionary (1987)
NIV Bible Guide (1987)
The Concise Dictionary of the Christian Tradition (1989)
The Concise Evangelical Dictionary of Theology (1992)

Prayer Books as primary editor
Worshipping the Lord in the Anglican Way (2004)
An Anglican Prayer Book (2008) based on BCP 1662/1928/1965

Classic short works on the Devotional Life as editor
St Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life (1988)
Christ for All Seasons, Thomas a Kempis(1989)
Benjamin Jenks, Prayers for Families (1990)

Magazines edited by the author
HOME WORDS, Parish magazine insert C of E, 1985-
MANDATE, Prayer Book Society Magazine, USA, 1995-2008


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