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News Historic Anglican, Pentecostal consultation "a flying start"
  dvirtue (2014/4/16 18:05:20)
News First gay clergyman to wed plunges Church into crisis: Archbishop under pressure
  dvirtue (2014/4/13 2:42:36)
News CHURCH OF ENGLAND: TAKE ACTION: Ask the Bishops to stand up for marriage
  dvirtue (2014/1/21 14:57:55)
News UK: The Dean of St Albans, Dr Jeffrey John is a vote away from first gay bishop
  dvirtue (2013/12/9 15:00:09)
News UK: Bleak outlook, says opponent of women bishops
  dvirtue (2013/5/31 15:12:54)
News UK imams and Muslim leaders speak out against Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill
  dvirtue (2013/5/18 22:31:50)
News Bishop Justin Welby Thought Archbishop Of Canterbury Role Was 'Absurd'
  dvirtue (2013/2/1 14:29:00)
News MARYLAND: Parishioners, friends say farewell to St. George's Spesutia
  dvirtue (2013/1/2 20:28:34)
News AUCKLAND, NZ: American Anglican Council Leader Reflects on ACC-15 Meeting
  dvirtue (2012/11/6 0:05:59)
News Ageing Church of England 'will be dead in 20 years'
  dvirtue (2012/10/14 13:30:45)
News Could lay celebration renew the Church of England?
  dvirtue (2012/4/16 8:20:08)
News CLEVELAND, OHIO: Historic churches near Cleveland Clinic for sale
  dvirtue (2012/1/24 12:23:17)
News Trading a Friar for an Archbishop
  dvirtue (2011/11/9 12:06:16)
News Women bishops law in Anglican Church makes progress
  dvirtue (2011/10/2 1:36:47)
News US Anglican Bishop Rips Rowan William's Leadership
  dvirtue (2011/9/17 21:19:28)
News The Humility of John Stott: Two Preachers Recall How Gently He Corrected Them
  dvirtue (2011/8/6 23:56:07)
News Telegraph and Guardian on the Death of John Stott
  dvirtue (2011/7/29 15:43:30)
News VICTORIA, BC: Unite or Perish: A View from the Back Pew
  dvirtue (2011/6/6 0:48:44)
  dvirtue (2011/4/23 12:10:40)
News Response to "Gender neutral" Marriage
  dvirtue (2011/3/31 22:56:17)
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