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News LAGOS: Kidnapped Anglican Archbishop Freed - UPDATED
  dvirtue (2013/9/15 16:43:13)
News NIGERIA: Anglicans Elect New Primate
  dvirtue (2009/9/15 13:55:27)
News LAGOS: Nigerian Anglicans keep angry distance from Canterbury
  dvirtue (2008/7/28 9:42:08)
News GAFCON Leader talks about the upcoming conference in the Holy Land
  rturner (2008/2/1 2:21:10)
News LAGOS: Nigerian Anglicans mull boycott over gay bishops
  dvirtue (2007/8/20 18:40:06)
News LAGOS: Revenge attacks kill 20 Nigerian Muslims
  dvirtue (2006/2/23 13:00:50)
News LAGOS: 'Why They Call Me Muslim Archbishop'
  dvirtue (2005/6/13 21:25:32)
News LAGOS: African Bishops Break From West Seminaries
  dvirtue (2005/3/16 0:59:12)
News LAGOS: Dr. Williams barely survives no-confidence vote at CAPA meeting
  dvirtue (2004/11/22 13:32:53)
News CAPA: ECUSA must repent...HOD president out...Wiccan priest resigns...more
  dvirtue (2004/11/9 0:38:48)
News LAGOS: "You put revisionists to shame" says Akinola to Bush
  dvirtue (2004/11/6 19:03:21)
News LAGOS: Congo Province needs support to break ties with the Episcopal Church
  dvirtue (2004/11/1 1:45:26)
News LAGOS: African hardliners set deadline in gay bishop row
  dvirtue (2004/10/31 10:12:50)
News LAGOS: CAPA Bishops Salute ECUSA Network in Opening Communique
  dvirtue (2004/10/30 20:15:50)
News LAGOS: Duncan says Griswold does not speak for all Episcopalians
  dvirtue (2004/10/30 13:46:05)
News LAGOS: Duncan says Griswold does not speak for all Episcopalians
  rturner (2004/10/29 17:20:11)
News LAGOS: Primates Issue formal statement at first Pan-African Bishop's Conference
  dvirtue (2004/10/29 17:13:13)
News LAGOS: Duncan says Griswold does not speak for all Episcopalians
  rturner (2004/10/29 17:10:35)
News LAGOS: African bishops threaten split over homosexuality
  dvirtue (2004/10/29 13:34:08)
News LAGOS: African Bishops Say 'African Church Has Come of Age,'
  dvirtue (2004/10/29 3:00:25)
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