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News INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Drawing the Line with Communion/Confirmation?
  dvirtue (2012/7/9 15:43:59)
News RESPONSE TO NYT ON EXODUS CAVE: Renunciation of Gay "Cure" is False
  dvirtue (2012/7/7 19:41:10)
News WHERE SEXUALITY IS GOING: Bishop Robinson Predicts the Future "Conversation"
  dvirtue (2012/7/7 12:29:10)
News INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Escape Into Mission:The PB Unveils TEC's Political Correctness
  dvirtue (2012/7/6 0:40:51)
News CULTURAL CANNIBALISM: Jefferts Schori "whines and dines" with the U.N.
  dvirtue (2012/5/31 20:46:11)
News BUREAUCRACY AS ECOLOGY: The Bishops' Campaign for "A Sustainable Future"
  dvirtue (2011/5/9 18:46:13)
News THE STATISTICAL MEANING OF DIVERSITY: The Example of The Episcopal Church
  dvirtue (2011/5/3 21:55:26)
News TEC celebrates Easter/Earth Day as One*Coalition Wants Lawsuit Accounting*More
  dvirtue (2011/4/15 22:01:17)
News WELCOMING THE NACC: The Meaning of No Anglican Covenant - Gary L'Hommedieu
  dvirtue (2010/12/20 18:28:49)
News Four Parishes Lose in BC Court Battle*San Joaquin Anglican Diocese Wins Appeal
  dvirtue (2010/11/19 13:11:24)
News On Remnant Theology: Some "Unrefined Thoughts" -- Day Two of Communion Partners
  dvirtue (2010/11/17 16:57:06)
News "NO US AND THEM" -- Day One of Communion Partners - Gary L'Hommedieu
  dvirtue (2010/11/17 12:14:36)
News ORLANDO: FL: Be Clear and Willing to Pay the Price, say TEC/Anglican Bishops
  dvirtue (2010/11/16 20:12:38)
News The Writing is on the Wall - Phil Ashey
  dvirtue (2010/8/2 20:09:15)
News TEC Wins Over ACC*Jefferts Schori Spins Diversity in Communion*More Sex Scandals
  dvirtue (2010/7/30 19:41:22)
News LINES IN THE ANGLICAN SAND: A Sociological Analysis - Gary L'Hommedieu
  dvirtue (2010/7/29 14:45:20)
News RACE CARD ENVY: The Bishop of Arizona's Open Letter, by Gary L'Hommedieu
  dvirtue (2010/4/25 20:28:16)
News SINGAPORE: Archbishop John Chew: An Anglican Leader For A Time Such As This
  dvirtue (2010/4/24 19:59:21)
  dvirtue (2010/4/21 7:11:11)
News Communion in Crisis*Two Archbishops Condemn TEC, ACC & Glasspool Consecration
  dvirtue (2010/4/15 13:07:10)
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