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Exclusives : PITTSBURGH: Participants at Common Cause Announcement of New Anglican Structure
Posted by David Virtue on 2007/9/28 17:40:00 (7149 reads)

PITTSBURGH: List of attendees at Common Cause Announcement of new Ecclesiastical Structure

By David W. Virtue

Following is a list of bishops and clergy who were present at the announcement of a new ecclesiastical structure in Pittsburgh, yesterday.

According to a list provided by Common Cause, the organizations and participants attending the September 25-28 meeting in Pittsburgh were:

NETWORK OF ANGLICAN COMMUNION Dioceses and Parishes (also known as the Anglican Communion Network) was represented by active or former diocesan Episcopal Church bishops: James Adams (Western Kansas), C. Fitzsimons Allison (South Carolina ret.), Peter Beckwith (Springfield), Alex Dickson (West Tennessee ret.), Robert Duncan (Pittsburgh), John Howe (Central Florida), William Love (Albany), Henry Scriven (Pittsburgh); Kenyan bishops Bill Atwood and William Murdoch; and Ugandan bishops Andrew Fairfield (formerly Episcopal Church Bishop of North Dakota) and John Guernsey (Uganda).

ANGLICAN ESSENTIALS OF CANADA was represented by the Rev. Canon Charles Masters.

ANGLICAN MISSION IN AMERICA was represented by bishops Chuck Murphy, Sandy Green, T.J. Johnston, John Rodgers, and the Rev. John Miller.

ANGLICAN NETWORK IN CANADA was represented by Bishop Donald Harvey (former bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada's Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador).

ANGLICAN PROVINCE IN AMERICA was represented by the Most Rev. Walter Grundorf, Presiding Bishop, bishops Richard Boyce, C. Peter Brewer, Winfield Mott and Larry L. Shaver.

CONVOCATION OF ANGLICANS IN NORTH AMERICA (CANA) was represented by the Rev. Canon Roger Ames, the Rev. Canon David Anderson, Bishop David Bena (formerly Episcopal Church bishop of Albany now with CANA) the Very Rev. Amos A. Fagbamiye, the Rev. Canon Nathan Kanu and Bishop Martyn Minns (CANA).

FORWARD IN FAITH-NORTH AMERICA was represented by Bishop Keith Ackerman (of the Episcopal Diocese of Quincy), the Rev. Canon William Gandenberger, Bishop Jack Iker (of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth), the Very Rev. William Ilgenfritz, and Bishop Donald Parsons (Quincy ret.), and Bishop William Wantland (Eau Claire ret.)

The REFORMED EPISCOPAL CHURCH was represented by Presiding Bishop Leonard Riches, Bishop Charles Dorrington, Bishop Michael Fedechko, Bishop George Fincke, the Very Rev. Alphonza Gadsden, Bishop Royal Grote Jr., Bishop David Hicks, Bishop Daniel R. Morse, and Bishop Ray Sutton. Two bishops of the Reformed Episcopal Church from Canada were in attendance. The Rt. Rev'd. Michael Fedechko is the Bishop of Central and Eastern Canada, and the Rt. Rev'd. Charles Dorrington is the Bishop of Western Canada and Alaska, and the Missionary Bishop of the REC to Cuba.

Participating guests included Bishop Paul Hewett (Holy Cross) and Bishop William Millsaps (Episcopal Missionary Church).

Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti, Bishop of Recife (Southern
Cone), and Bishop Frank Lyons of the Diocese of Bolivia, (ICON) were also present.

Archbishop Yong Ping Chung (retired of South East Asia, and a former chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council) was listed as being affiliated with the Anglican Mission in America.

The fifty-one bishops representing multiple Anglican organizations said that they will spend the next 15 months developing "an Anglican union," which they anticipate will be recognized by some Anglican Communion Primates and provinces.


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