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Exclusives : UGANDA: CAPA Bishops Conference: From My Ear to Yours (3)
Posted by David Virtue on 2010/8/28 11:20:00 (3197 reads)

UGANDA: CAPA Bishops Conference: From My Ear to Yours (3)

By David W. Virtue in Entebbe
August 28, 2010

If I had to choose between the revivalism of African Anglicanism versus the liberalism of Western Anglicanism, the answer is a no brainer. Even assuming for the moment that a lot of African Christianity is superficial (false), that it is an inch deep (also untrue), moralistic (also untrue) - one must make a distinction between moralism and true biblical morality. Then the evidence is clear - Anglican churches in Africa are daily being born and growing at a remarkable rate while Western churches are emptying at a rate that will guarantee their extinction possibly within my life time.

The charismatic assistant bishop of Kampala, the Rt. Rev. Zac Niringiye of the Province of Uganda, conducts daily Bible Studies here for the 400 bishops. He is a superb teacher. If he is the future of Anglican Christianity on this continent, and he might well be, then Africa has little to worry about. Problems abound, and the amazing thing is that despite the enormous political corruption, stupidity and laziness of government officials, peoples' lives are being changed by the gospel.


A number of prophetic words were delivered by Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi yesterday to the 400 assembled bishops here: "God is bringing into birth a new African church...A new birth is coming for the church in Africa...Africa must walk in the power of the Holy Spirit... Africa must abandon witchcraft. Waiting to return to the source of life...restore...await a new birth. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is coming with great power. Why are we walking defeated...I have given you power. The way to New Birth is to repent and confess...He is waiting for you to come to Him. He is waiting ...will you come...come...come and receive the Holy Spirit. I will cause the bishops to bear fruit for the Kingdom...all the glory shall come to Me...He is the One to be exalted. I will not share my glory with anyone...God is doing a new thing...He will not be stopped.


Quotable quotes from speakers:

"The problem in Africa is not poverty. The problems in Africa are about greed. It is the greed of our nations."

"A problem we have in Africa's leadership is the problem of nominal Christianity."

"Leaders must resist empire building and build alliances instead."

"I am bringing revival with fire for continental Africa."


The president of Uganda, General Y. K. Museveni threw a banquet for the 400 bishops here, but the night before he had a private dinner with Archbishop Rowan Williams. During the dinner, the president, who is an Anglican and a somewhat blunt and direct man, asked Williams why do you have so many problems with homosexuals in your country?

Caught off guard, Williams lamely replied, "We are having a lot of trouble with marriages in England."

According to my source, the president was decidedly unimpressed with Williams' answer.


An earlier story ran saying that CAPA had turned back $25,000 from Trinity Wall Street to help defray costs for this conference has been confirmed in a story put out by the Province of Uganda. You can read it here: In short, The Church of Uganda received no outside funding for its role in hosting the 400 Bishops and other participants in the week-long conference.


In one of his addresses Uganda Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi called for the re-evangelization of Europe and America.

A VOL reader in the UK wrote and said this: "There are many parishes vacant in the Church of England because there is supposedly a lack of clergy to fill them. If hundreds of African priests came to England they could have a massive impact on every diocese by calling for orthodox, biblical teaching and leadership....and by showing us how to evangelize..."


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