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NORTH AMERICA: Anglican Parishes Under Intl Primates


Updated as of Nov 22, 2005

Subject: 'Alphabet Soup' of affiliations - (North American Congregations Affiliated with Anglican Primates) Additions and/or corrections welcome.

Excluding Rwanda and Southeast Asia, what groups/fellowships have come under the oversight of some overseas province/Primate?

Diocese of Argentina - AB Gregory Venables, Bishop & Primate of the Southern Cone

1) St. James Anglican Church The Rev. Vern Caswell, Rector 330 SW 104th Street Oklahoma City, OK USA 405-759-3190

2) Church of the Holy Spirit The Rev. Cliff Horvath, Interim Rector Tulsa, OK USA

Bolivia -

1) Faithful Anglican Fellowship, Rogers, Ohio. Fr. Scott Woodstuff, Rector....mission Church of the diocese of Bolivia to Columbiana County OH. under Bishop Frank Lyons and Archbishop Venables.

2) Light of Christ Anglican Church, Atlanta, Charles Osborne, Rector,

3) Christ Church, Atlanta, Alfred Sawyer, Rector,

4) Church of the Holy Cross, Loganville, Ga, Foley Beach, Rector,

5) Holy Apostles (Rev Kent Litchfield), Elizabethtown, Ky, affiliated with the Anglican Communion Network and is under the direct supervision and support of the Right Reverend Frank Lyons, Bishop of Bolivia,

6) All Saints Anglican Church, Rev. Robert Giffin, Rector (Evansville, Ill - Indianapolis),

7) the Rev. Roger Ames, St. Luke's, Akron; the Rev. Kelly Irish, St. Anne's in the Fields, Madison; the Rev. Scott Souders, Holy Spirit, Akron; and the Rev. James Tasker, St. Barnabas', Bay Village; stbarnabas@stbarnabas-bayvillage

8) ? Greenwich, Conn., and ? Raleigh, N.C.

Brazil - Recife (Bp Cavalcanti) -

1) Seattle - St. Stephen's Anglican Church, in Oak Harbor, and The Anglican Church of St. Charles, which is one parish with two congregations: Historic St. Paul's Church, in Port Gamble, and St. Charles' Church, in Poulsbo, WA., (view a video - ),

2) Anglican Fellowship, Nassau County, Florida Central Africa - Canada/ACiC )(Temporary Adequate Episcopal Oversight (TAEO) )

Chile - Eliot Winks, 40, will head up the new Anglican Church of the Resurrection near Towson, Md. Congo - Canada/ACiC (see Adequate Episcopal Oversight (TAEO) )

Kenya - The Province of Kenya has several congregations in the southeast USA.

In the Memphis area:
All Saints', Jackson, TN;
St. Peter's Anglican Church, Memphis;

Holy Apostles', Jackson, Mississippi;
St. Cyprian, Amarillo, TX.

All of the above are former ECUSA congregations under Bishop Gideon Githiga, Diocese of Thika, Kenya.

Canada/ACiC (Temporary Adequate Episcopal Oversight (TAEO) Anglican Communion Network (ACN) - Independent missions/fellowships/congregations of ex-Episcopalians affiliated with the Anglican Communion Network (ACN) but not affiliated with any Primate/Province of the Anglican Communion.

a) Holy Trinity Church, Raleigh, NC, whose rector is David T. Drake, and co-rector is Canon Michael Green.

Last year, several dozen members of Raleigh's Christ Church quit ECUSA after becoming disaffected with the support of their bishop, the Rt Rev Michael Curry, for the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. What began as a home group Bible study has become an independent Anglican church with a growing congregation. The congregation meets in a school chapel and this summer purchased a rectory and offices. It has joined the Anglican Communion Network (ACN), an umbrella group for parishes that became disaffected with the Episcopal Church. (Church of England Newspaper)

b) The Portland Anglican Fellowship held its first monthly meeting on Saturday, September 24th, from 5 to 8 PM at the West Scarborough United Methodist Church in Scarborough (located at the corner of Church Street and Route 1). The Fellowship is a fledgling ministry established to meet two urgent needs in Maine:
1) to meet the pastoral needs of Portland area Anglicans, and provide an opportunity to share information regarding the crisis facing the Anglican Communion, receive pastoral guidance, find out what others are doing in their churches; and
2) to begin laying the foundations for a future church plant in the Portland area that is evangelical, Christ-centered, and passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who live in Portland's surrounding area.

c) The Anglican Church of the Resurrection celebrated its first worship service on Trinity Sunday, 2004. It is located in Brewster, MA (Cape Cod). It was founded as a house church in June 2004, and then moved to a public rental in February 2005. Resurrection is currently without permanent clergy and is currently led by its senior warden Mr. Gerry Dorman. This parish worships on Sundays with an average of 15-20 people.

d) The Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd serves the Lord in is in Forestdale, MA (a village in the town of Sandwich) on Cape Cod. It began in a family room in the fall of 2003 with about 10 who were former members of three Episcopal churches on the Cape. Resurrection is currently without permanent clergy and is led by its senior warden Dr. Hope Brooks. As of September, with joy I can report that this parish has recently moved into a new worship space. Their average Sunday attendance is 25-30.

e) St. Michael's Anglican Church is served by its interim supply priest, Fr. Don Wilson and its Senior Warden Mr. Jerry Delumas. St Michael's celebrated its one year anniversary in August of 2005 subsequent to the vote of the vestry to separate themselves from The Diocese of New Hampshire and the oversight of V. Gene Robinson. Their average Sunday attendance is 35-40.

f) The Anglican Church of the Resurrection is currently without permanent clergy and led by its senior warden Ms. Joanne Ward. This parish was formed the day that V. Gene Robinson was consecrated as Bishop of New Hampshire. Currently it is meeting on Sundays in Portsmouth, NH. This parish worships on Sunday with an average attendance of 35-40. Resurrection called their first vestry in May 2004 and began meeting together in December of 2004.

Nigeria -

1) All Saints Anglican Church Clergy: Ven. Dr. Paul Ekezie, Rev. Joseph Nwachukwu, Rev. Celestine Ironna Meeting at 3642 Myrtle Avenue, Irvington, NJ 07111 Mailing Address: -P.O. Box 132 Irvington NJ 07111 Phone: 646 226 5698

2) The Anglican Chapel of Resurrection Clergy: Venn. Amos Fagan, Rev. Idowu A. O. Adewakun 5733 N . Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN 46228 (own building) Phone:317 244 7613

3) Christ's Ambassador Anglican Church Clergy: Rev. Nathan C. O. Kanu Meeting at 12908 SW 59th Street Oklahoma City, OK 73159 Phone: 405 229 6006

4) All Saints Anglican Church Clergy: Rev. Olugbenga Olajide Meeting at 18001 94th Avenue, Tinley Park, lL 60477 Phone: 708 757 4729

5) Christ' Anglican Church Clergy: Rev. Canon Felix Anyasor Meeting at 9817 M Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77036 Phone: 713 271 4440

6) Saint Peter's Anglican Church Clergy: Rev. Canon Ndukuku Okereke, Rev. Canon Ugochukwu Okoroafor Meeting at 3617 Abram Road, Dallas, TX 752l4 Phone: 972 216 9920

7) Igbo Anglican Fellowship Clergy: Rev. Canon Christian Odoemena Meeting at 19800 S. Vermont Avenue, Torrance, CA 90502 Phone: 202 723 0827

8) All Saints Church of Transfiguration Clergy: Rev. Canon Christian Odoemena Meeting at 5609 Colorado Avenue, NW Washington DC 20011 Phone: 202 487 7823

9) The Church of the Saints (Anglican) Clergy: Rev. Dr. Moses Akinlawon Meeting at 2639 Barrett Avenue, Richmond, CA 94804 Phone: 510 235 3858

10) Anglican Church of the Pentecost Clergy: Rev. Canon Dr. Emeka Nwigwe Meeting at 143 W 117th Street New York City, NY 10037 Mails: 143 W 117th Street P.O. Box 1463 New York City, N Y 10026 Phone:212 864 9722

11) Vineyard Ministries Clergy: Rev. Canon Dr. Joe Omeokwe Meeting at 1250 Chisholm Drive, Bronx, NY 10459 Phone: 718 842 5826 12) Chapel of Reconciliation (Anglican) Clergy: Rev. Simon Omeke 9745 Bissonnet Street, Rooms 107/108 Houston, TX 77036 Phone: 713 773 2165

Tanzania - Italy with Rev. Claudio Bocca. (orthodox FinF priest under Bishop Kapinga's oversight!)

Uganda -

1) Chapel of the Holy Cross, in Raleigh, NC The Rev. John W. Gibson, Jr., rector

2) "Los Angeles" - St. James Newport-Balboa: 3209 Via Lido, Newport Beach, CA 92663; All Saints Church: 346 termino, Long Beach, CA 90814; St. David's: 11605 Magnolia Boulevard, N. Hollywood, CA 91601;

3) Diocese of Luweero, in Uganda; Christ Church, Overland Park (The Rev Tom Pritchard).

4) St. Andrew's in Versailles and Apostles in Lexington;

5) South Riding Church, South Riding, Virginia (Loudon County) Disaffiliates from the Episcopal Church, Joins Anglican Province of Uganda

Canadian missions/congregations under Temporary Adequate Episcopal Oversight (TAEO) - The ACiC congregations are covered by The Anglican Provinces of Rwanda, Congo, Central Africa, Kenya, and South East Asia.

Churches of the Anglican Communion in Canada St Simon's Church North Vancouver
Sunday Service Times:
Traditional BCP, 9 am 1384 Deep Cove Road, North Vancouver BC

Contemporary Worship, 10:30am - Lions Gate Christian Academy, Maplewood School, 420 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver BC

Church Phone: (604)929-1613 Web Page: Mailing Address: 1712 Cascade Court North Vancouver BC V7G 2H6 Rector: The Rev. Ed Hird Phone: (604)929-5350 Mobile: Email:

Honorary Assist: The Rev John Lombard Phone: (604)514-0141 Mobile: (604) 779-1732 Email:

Deacon: The Rev Ron Gibbs Ph: 604-462-9258

Youth Pastor: Ken Bell Ph. 604-980-7521 Mobile: 604-908-4659 Email:

Children's Pastor: Nikki Olsen Ph. 604-947-2073 Email:

Christ The Redeemer Anglican Church, Pender Harbour

Location: At the corner of Highway 101 and Harbour View Rd. Madeira Park. BC Service Times: 8:30 Traditional, 10:30 Contemporary with Sunday School Mailing Address: Box 104, Madeira Park BC V0N 2H0 Web Page: Church Email: Secretary: Diane Gough Office Phone: 604-883-2105 (Thursday & Friday) Senior Pastor: The Rev. Barclay Mayo Phone: 604-883-1371 Mobile: 604-740-7400 Email:

Pastoral Assistant: The Rev. Carolyn Spence Phone: 604-883-3634


Children's/ Youth: Anna Mayo Phone: 604-883-9856 Email:

Living Waters Church, Victoria, B.C.

Worship Location: 397 Atkins Road, Victoria BC, V9B 3A1 Service Time: 10:30 am Sunday Mailing Address: Same as above Pastor: The Rev. David Hollebone Church Phone: 250-744-1537 Fax: 250-744-1538 Email: Web Site:

The Anglican Church of the Redeemer , Regina

Worship Location: Western Christian College, Roger Chapel, 4400 4th Avenue, Regina, SK Service Time: Sunday: 9:15am Prayer ministry, 10:00am Sunday Service (with Sunday school) Mailing Address: C/O 4511 Sherwood Drive, Regina, SK, S4R 4B3 Pastors: The Rev. Olukayode Adebogun & The Rev. Tom Needham Phone: (Olukayode) 306-545-8622 or (Tom) 306-949-9793 Fax: 306-545-8642 Website: Email: Olukayode: or Email: Tom: or Church's Email:

St Jude Apostolic Anglican Church, Indian Head, SK

Worship Location: 810 Soames St., Indian Head Saskatchewan Service Times: 10:00am Sunday Service (with Sunday school) Mailing Address: 810 Soames St., Indian Head, P.O. Box 126, Indian head, Saskatchewan Pastors: The Rev. Olukayode Adebogun & The Rev. Tom Needham Phone: (Olukayode) 306-545-8622 or (Tom) 306-949-9793 Fax: 306-545-8642 Website: Email: Olukayode: or Email: Tom: or Church's Email:

Richmond Emmanuel Church

Worship Location: 7451 Elmbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 1B8 Church Ph: 604-214-0321 Fax: 604-214-0320 Web Page: Email: Secretary: Miss Clemmie Chung Senior Pastor: The Rev. Silas Ng Phone: 604-230-1201 Email: href=""> Associate: The Rev. T.M.Tye

8:30 a.m. Eucharist 11:00 a.m. Singspiration - 1st and 3rd Sunday 11:00 a.m. Morning Prayer - 2nd Sunday 11:00 a.m Eucharist - 4th and 5th Sunday

The Light of Christ Church, Nanaimo Worship Location: Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2400 Highland Blvd, Nanaimo, BC Service Times: Sunday, 10:00am (also Healing Prayers: Order of St. Luke) Mailing Address: 5154 Kaitlyns Way, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5W1 Senior Pastor: The Rev. Ronald Lewis Risley Ph: 250-729-9164 Email: Web Page:

Church of Our Lord, Comox Valley & The North American Missionary Society

Worship Location: Comox Community Baptist Church, Anderton Road, Comox Service Times: Variable (Please call for information) Mailing Address: 2087 Beaton Ave., Comox BC V9M 1V1 Pastoral Team: David & Jannice Bowler & Martin and Cynthia Davies Phone/Fax: 250-339-2344 Email: Web Page:

Immanuel Church Westside

Sunday Worship: 5:30 p.m. at UBC, Student Union Building, Upper floor rooms 207/209

Mailing Address: 1655 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 1X9 Senior Pastor: The Rev. Paul Carter Phone/Fax: 604-222-4486 Mobile: 604-761-4470 Email: Web Page:

St. Timothy's on the North Shore

Worship Location: Lynn Valley Recreation Centre, 3590 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver Service Time: Sunday 10 am Mailing Address: 1655 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6M 1X9 Senior Pastor: The Rev. Paul Carter Phone/Fax: 604-222-4486 Mobile: 604-761-4470 Email: Web Page:

St. Andrew's Mission, Borden, Saskatchewan

Worship Location: Borden Senior's Centre Service Time: 10:30 a.m. Sundays Senior Pastor: The Rev. Nathan Gough Phone: 306-997-2261 Email: Web Page: Anglican Communion in Canada | 1655 West 41st Ave | Vancouver, BC | V6M 1X9 | 604-222-4486


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