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Ms. Presiding Heresiarch

Ms. Presiding Heresiarch

Ms. Presiding Heresiarch is really on a mission,
All her bishops and her priests should now be in submission.


Ms. Presiding Heretic, with her Social Gospel,
And the Zeitgeist at back, she wants you now to cuddle.

She is a textbook sociopath with legions of informants,
And with the power of the courts, the church is not important.

The wicked Witch of New York State, a heretical creature,
Bishops Duncan and Lawrence have found her even bleaker.

Ms. Presiding Heresiarch has saved us lots of money,
With empty churches everywhere that really isn't funny.

Her salesmanship is not the best because no one is buying,
The social gospel and Zeitgeist is nothing more than lying.

The psychedelic vestments she wears on all occasions,
Resemble more a jack-in-box and her mental contagion.

Enough. Enough. Just go away and take your brethren with you,
There are no churches left in sight for you to even imbue.

Sung to the tune: Yankee Doodle Went to Town.
jcm, Philadelphia, Pa., 2013

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