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Homofascist Tyranny - Michael Voris

Homofascist Tyranny
The tyranny of homofascism must be opposed

By Michael Voris
The Vortex
April 9, 2014

Grab a pen and write the word down as quickly as you can and start using it everywhere – the word is .. homofascists .. as in homofascism.

A working definition you ask? How’s this for starters?

Homofascism – “a way of organizing a society in which homosexualists impose their agenda with which no one is allowed to disagree or have any appeal to the contrary without being subjected to severe consequences of ridicule, slander, libel, fines, public demonstrations, distortions, denial of free speech rights, loss of employment, and having the word “hate” attached to you in some form.”

And we say starters for a reason. As this homofascism continues to become more powerful, it will seek to expand its control even further. Consider its growth so far: Mozilla / Firefox dumps its CEO because six years ago he contributed to a traditional marriage campaign in California.

Sr. Jane Dominic of Aquinas College touches off a firestorm at a North Carolina Catholic school for stating Church teaching regarding homosexuality.

A Church of Scotland chaplain is kicked out of his job for a Facebook posting criticizing same sex marriage being legalized in Scotland.

A Catholic school in Massachusetts is being investigated by the state for rescinding a job offer to a man in a same-sex marriage.

A Canadian man has filed a human rights complaint against his former Catholic school for a pattern of homophobia.

Disney is threatening to yank funding to the Boy Scouts unless it allows homosexual scoutmasters.

A Catholic school teacher is suing his former Catholic school employer after being fired for marrying his homosexual partner.

Roman authorities are proposing a ban on Father’s Day activities in schools where children might come from lesbian same-sex parent homes.

Obama threatened leaders of the US military to get in line with his repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or resign their commissions and go work somewhere else.

Homosexual activists in Canada are threatening demonstrations and gathering petition signatures to prevent an pro-family American from speaking to a pro-life conference.

Homosexualists are boycotting an all-new Oregon natural foods store before it even opens it doors because the owner is supports traditional marriage. They are also lining up boycotts of store suppliers.

Homosexualists have successfully organized an annual “Day of Silence” in public schools across the country to quote – eradicate conservative moral beliefs”.

A New Mexico husband wife wedding photography team lost their bid in the US Supreme Court challenging a state “sexual orientation” law for refusing to photograph a lesbian same-sex union. They had to pay $6,000.

For the record, nearly all of these news items are from just the past seven days. One week’s work by the homofascist lobby.

Homofascists have moved way beyond their stated goals of stopping bullying and struggling to have their love approved. They have moved into the tyranny business.

Cross them and you are boycotted, fired, brought up on charges, dragged before government bodies, made to pay fines, arrested and so forth.

And not to mention that those opposed to men having sex with men being elevated to the level of normalcy and legality and being called marriage – these people are hauled through the public streets of a vitriolic media and thrown into stocks so the world will recognize them forever as hateful bullies.

Where is all this going – the same place any fascist regime goes – to the absolute annihilation of any opposition. All must be crushed. No mercy shown. Kill them all.

This is what happens when consciences racked by guilt for their evil perversions are reminded of the truth – they react with violence because they cannot brook the truth being told.

So these consciences retreat into the stance of victim and seek sympathy, and play the role perfectly, until they sense the moment to strike back and when that moment comes – they are ruthless – laying waste everything in their path.

If homosexualists want to have sex with their kind – go ahead. We wish you wouldn’t because you are risking your eternal lives – but we can’t stop you. However, that’s not all you want.

You want to crush anyone who says what you are doing is evil – the activity of engaging in same sex acts is evil, against the natural order, in direct violation of the moral law. And it has unhappy consequences not only in the next life, but this one as well.

Increased drug use, promiscuity, alcoholism, suicide, depression, sexual diseases, massively shorter life expectancies – all of these demons stalk the gay underworld and yet to say one word trying to prevent others from walking down this path is greeted with a bellicose thunder of ACTUAL hate.

The homosexual world is the haunt of demons seeking to destroy human souls, preying on their vulnerabilities of damaged parent-child relations or sexual abuse trauma or a hostof other evils, that were not the fault of those who grew up to have a perverted self-view – kept very much alive by the diabolical.

The intensity of hate aimed at those opposed to the tyranny of homofascism is the sure indicator that it is the Father of Lies behind it and engineering it all.

For that reason alone, the tyranny of homofascism must be opposed.

VIDEO: www.churchmilitant.tv/platform/index.php?vidID=vort-2014-04-09

PRINT: http://www.churchmilitant.tv/scripts/vort-2014-04-09.pdf

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