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September 07 2004 By virtueonline CANADA: Ex-Gays make submission to Lambeth/Eames Commission

Individually we have often been cowed into silence by those who seek to revise Biblical teachings on this issue. When we have had the courage to speak out, we have been ignored, dismissed, or overruled. What we ask is that our stories be heard.

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September 06 2004 By virtueonline California Case Cause for Optimism on Church Property Issues - by Charles Nalls

The case involved the issue of who controls a local church's property when the congregation ends its affiliation with a national or worldwide religious body. As such, the case has implications for other denominations, particularly the U.S. Episcopal Church (ECUSA), which claims a trust over parish properties based on an internal church rule.

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August 29 2004 By virtueonline TEXAS: Hope for a New Church still can Prevail says leading U.S. Rector

So allow me to summarize where we are today:

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August 28 2004 By virtueonline We'd like you to understand us - by Tad de Bordenave

Let me try to explain this failure to understand us. I do this not to change any minds but to help them see what is coming.

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August 13 2004 By virtueonline Episcopal Chaplain Berates Fellow Chaplains over Teachings - by Fr. Brad Page

I was with a group of Episcopal priests (several of whom were college chaplains, and several of them were in homosexual relationships). In one of the few brief periods where we weren’t talking about homosexuality we discussed how we as college chaplains might identify the students to encourage toward priesthood.

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August 05 2004 By virtueonline Communion and Union - the future for our congregation - by Fr. Ian Montgomery

Following the passing of the General Convention 2003 votes related to human sexuality it was as if a knife had been stabbed in the heart of our congregation. A choice between “yes” and “no” was forced upon us. No longer could pastoral discretion make some sense of our sexual confusions. No longer could we as a more evangelical/catholic congregation ignore the theological innovations and actions of our national leadership.

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August 05 2004 By virtueonline A HISTORY LESSON: Limits to Doctrinal Innovation - by Ephraim Radner

Granted, it says nothing different than what is contained in our Prayer Book's 18th-century Preface; and what is recorded in the founding Conventions of our Church -- that is, that the "independence" of (P)ECUSA as a church is focused solely within the realm of "civil concerns" and limits solely the imposition within the American church of the "civil" and "ecclesiastical will" of a "foreign country"; and the "independence" of the American church does not in any way touch upon the unity of "do

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July 31 2004 By virtueonline The Episcopal Church has abandoned the Truth and the Faith - by Bonnie Fisco

And what about your frantic struggle to obtain "Alternate Oversight" so that you can remain in the Episcopal Church that has become exceedingly corrupt over the past years. The sin of the Anglican Communion and the Episcopal Church far exceeds the single issue of ordaining a homosexual Bishop. This is a manifestation of its most egregious sin, which is its lack of faith. The Church is willing to revise the truth for the sake of unity.

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July 30 2004 By virtueonline TENNESSEE: Bishop sees hope in midst of ECUSA fallout and polarization

I see four distinct things happening in the Diocese of Tennessee and from my conversations with other bishops, I have reason to believe that they are happening all over our church. These are things that give me hope for the future. They are not what other parts of the Anglican Communion can or may do but what is happening right here within the American Episcopal Church.

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July 28 2004 By virtueonline The Network and FIF North America - by Geoffrey Kirk

‘The Network’, whatever it stands for (and that is by no means clear), has drawn its line at the consecration of Gene Robinson, and so, by implication, declared other contemporary innovations in the life of the Episcopal Church to be secondary or subsidiary. It is therefore important to ask: Why this line in the sand and no other?

It has to be said, with frankness, that it does not appear to be a very tenable line. What, after all, is wrong with the ordination of Gene Robinson?

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