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August 09 2017 By dvirtue South Carolina: Courts, Referees, and Chasing Squirrels

National Chancellor David Booth Beers' strategy to 'Litigate until they Capitulate' seems to have proven successful, but he was aided by a phenomena noted by Sir Winston Churchill that 'in war it is not so much a matter of who is right but who is left.' The National Church lasted long enough to find Justice Kaye Hearn who was very congenial to its position.

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"Do not fret because of evil men or be envious of those who do wrong; for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon wither away." (Ps. 37:1-2 NIV)

Psalm 37 addresses the question "How should God's people react when 'evil men' and 'those who do wrong' succeed in their ways?"

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August 07 2017 By dvirtue The South Carolina Supreme Court ruling

We were surprised and deeply disappointed in the ruling released yesterday (August 2) by the South Carolina Supreme Court in the property dispute between the Diocese of South Carolina and The Episcopal Church. In a 3-to-2 split vote, the Court found in favor of TEC, with the exception of eight churches that will retain their property because they had not acceded to the Dennis Canon.

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August 05 2017 By dvirtue Massive Conflict of Interest Taints South Carolina Ruling

For the basic problem with Justice Hearn's role in this case is as follows. When the case was first appealed in 2015 by the Episcopal Church and the ECSC, Justice Hearn (the newest justice elected to the Court at the time) had been, since at least March 2007, a member of the Episcopal Forum of South Carolina.

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August 04 2017 By dvirtue The Mythical Middle

In this way, you can avoid being 'an extremist'. Of course, 'extremist' is such an ugly word that no one wishes to accept the label. We much prefer to have the good judgement that enables us to be in the middle of any dispute, seeing the good on both sides but not turning the argument into a matter of mutually exclusive choice between two options.

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August 04 2017 By dvirtue It's official! Bishop Bruno's wings have been clipped

"After hearing this entire unfortunate case and after prayerful deliberation the Hearing Panel reaches a definite and clear conclusion," the crucial paragraph on Page 90 began. "The Hearing Panel strongly recommends to the Diocese of Los Angeles that as a matter of justice it immediately suspend its efforts to sell the St. James property, that it restore the congregation and vicar to the church building and that it reassign St. James the Great appropriate mission status."

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August 03 2017 By dvirtue Evangelicals: The missing piece in the Episcopal Church

While evangelical Anglicanism continued to flourish around the world, until the 1960s classic evangelicals were barely visible here. This was until the Fellowship of Witness came into being under the guidance of Anglo-Australian scholar Philip Edgcumbe Hughes and Peter Moore, then the Director of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools). John Guest and John Howe, both then at St. Stephen's, Sewickley, Pennsylvania, were cheerleaders and a lot more.

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August 02 2017 By dvirtue England's orthodox Anglicans: agreed on Synod's implications, divided on what to do

A number of theologically orthodox members who previously would have put their faith in the political processes of Synod to prevent change in a liberal direction are now admitting that in the area of sexuality and gender the battle has been lost.

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August 02 2017 By dvirtue BELLS

France, while culturally Roman Catholic, is a secular state. Churches and, indeed, church institutions, receive few special privileges apart from a certain measure of tax exemption. France is considered to be one of the most irreligious of all countries. According to a survey undertaken in 2010, a full 40% of the French population answered that "they do not believe there is any sort of spirit, God, or life force", with only 27% stating that they believe there is a God.

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"If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." I John 1:8-9

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